Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Field

I know that I've mentioned this on here before but I absolutely love the field by our house. It is HUGE and the boys L-O-V-E going there and running around like madmen. Usually an airplane flies overhead every few minutes and there are other people out and about, so the boys have lots to look at and talk about. Here are some pictures from our outing this evening before dinnertime. I'm not sure where my babies have gone, but the toddlers that have taken over sure are cute and hilarious to be with!

My favorite one from the day:

Carter the hairstylist

We were in a consignment store the other day and Carter REFUSED to put down this pink was definitely one of those pick your battles kind of moments, and when I got to the register she said it was a whopping 69 for under a dollar it was a battle I was definitely not going to fight. He has not put it down since. It turns on and lightly blows like a real hairdryer (minus the heat), so now he "dries" Coleman's hair at least a few times a day along with Mommy and Daddy's. Maybe I can teach him how to use the real one one day...and I can sit back and eat grapes and read my magazines while he dries my hair....yeah, that's probably asking for too much :o)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coleman and His Colors

The boys amaze me everyday with their understanding and new things they are learning. Here is a video of Coleman identifying his colors...he can't say them yet, but he knows what they are!

Park Time

I seriously think that Coleman and Carter could be outside all day everyday if we would let them...the hardest part is that our backyard isn't fenced in and sometimes they want to do two different things which can be difficult by myself. So we like to visit the park near us that is fenced in so the munchkins can run and play.

Carter watching for Coleman to come down the slide:

So sweet!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


If you have ever shopped at the grocery store and tried to compare coupons and do all of your shopping while keeping a toddler entertained you know how crazy it can multiply that by two and you can imagine what an interesting experience the grocery store can be! The other day I tried all of the trick up my sleeve to keep those little munchkins entertained...we sang, we made animal noises, pointed out things that we knew, counted, pretended we were driving the car, etc. To prevent an all out biting and meltdown fest I pulled out the ol' lollipop trick. Yup, that's right. I bribed my kids to behave...and I'm sure I'll do it again.


The boys LOVE going to music class each week and their teacher has now started a conga line whenever we sing a song about trains. Coleman loves joining right in...Carter changes his mind and cuts in and out of line, but either way it sure is cute!

Big Boy Table

The boys have been anxious to get out of their highchairs and we decided that it was not a battle worth fighting, so the highchairs are gone (although they are still there in this picture) and booster seats are now at our table...they also love sitting at their small table in the kitchen too and the "conversations" they have there together are too cute to listen to. (Notice Carter is eating his grits with a spatula...pick your battles, right?)

Best Buds

Coleman and Carter aren't found more than 3 feet from one another lately. They love to play chase, bring each other stuffed animals or toys, talk in their own language, give hugs, and snuggle...the last two may be my favorite :o) Here are our sweet boys sharing a blanket and a morning cartoon and some hugs.

Climbing Boys!

Coleman and Carter are ALL.BOY. They LOVE to climb anything and everything...and I can't help but laugh out loud every time I find a new climbing spot...Here are just a few...

Sunday, February 5, 2012


Ring Around the Rosie

Ring around the Rosie is the boys new favorite thing to do...and to be honest, I just love to watch them hold hands. So...we do it pretty often in our house :o) Jared was able to capture a picture of these sweet boys playing...

Birmingham Trip

This past weekend was one of our favorite little girls 2nd birthday in Birmingham, so we made a quick overnight trip to see some of our sweet friends and the cute birthday girl. Her party was a carousel party and I didn't know how the boys would react since they had never been on one before. They didn't want to get off!! They loved it and would neigh and wave at everyone as they went around...needless to say, it was a hit.

Lily, the birthday girl:

Enjoying cupcakes:

Riding the carousel:

Hand holdin':

Before the party we went to our other favorite little girl and little guys house to play. We miss Anna and their sweet family so much, so I'm glad we were able to spend some time together!!

Carter, Virginia, William, Coleman (LOVE THIS!):

Play time:

Big boys!

Coleman and Carter LOVE to read. So, we have started a new nighttime routine where they pick out their book to take to bed and we tuck them in with it. The lights go out a few minutes afterwards and they are quickly asleep, but something about going to sleep with a good book helps you have sweet dreams :o)


Coleman and Carter are active little guys, and the rainy weather has made them (and me) become a little stir crazy. We finally had a break in the rain for a change, so we took the boys to a park near our house that has a big open field that they could just run around. They LOVED it!