Friday, July 29, 2011

Sweet boys!

Obviously I think that Coleman and Carter are the sweetest little guys a Mommy could ask for, but they really are starting to melt my heart lately with their friendship. They are moving from parallel play to interacting more and more with one another and love to chase each other, laugh at each other, and their new favorite is to share. Look at these sweet guys sharing their milk (Coleman) and goldfish (Carter)...please ignore the fact that we are on the floor UNDER our highchairs eating off the floor. A Mommy can only control so much.... :o)

Behind the Scenes

The boys have had a BUSY week! On top of our normal play dates and errands they have had to meet with the baby trainer for the movie. She doesn't really "train" them on anything since they are so little, but it's more so just getting them used to and comfortable with her since she is kind of the peace maker should one of them break down on set. The sessions usually involve her just playing with the boys or having the boys interact with the other kiddos that are in their scenes also. The boys don't seem to mind but it sure does mess with our schedule, especially since they don't tell us when or where to meet until the night before. For those of you who know me you know that I am a schedule oriented person, so this is pretty much driving me bonkers but I'll deal with it for such a fun experience!

I have definitely learned a lot over the past few weeks with these two movies...especially this one since the boys play a more major role. They are even painting dolls the exact same height and measurements as the boys to use as their "doubles" in case they need a far away shot or both break down when filming from a far distance. I guess I can say I have quads for a week or so...ha!

Yesterday after our meeting with the baby trainer my mom and I took the boys on their first trip to the Varsity! They LOVED it and we decided that they are now officially Georgians since they had a naked dog and an fro' orange :o)

After such a fun and busy morning (in which Coleman refused to nap in the car) we headed home for a nap, but my little friend Carter bug was up in 45 minutes so he had some Mommy time while we let Coleman catch up on his sleep...good thing they can't talk and Coleman never knew he missed out on pool time and a popsicle!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

More pictures from this week

Movie Fun!

Okay, so we aren't really movie stars but we sure have had a fun and BUSY week and a half!! The day that we filmed for the Three Stooges movie I received a call to come and meet the casting director for the new movie, What to Expect When You're Expecting, that same afternoon so that he could see the boys. I guess that he liked what he saw because he asked us to come back Thursday to meet the producer and directors. On Thursday I realized that it was the "final cut" for the movie as they had gone through nearly 4500 babies!! The boys did great even after having to wait a few hours and I still did not want to get my hopes up since it literally fell into our laps. Sunday afternoon we received the call that the boys had made it! They were chosen to play Rob Huebel's son in the movie!
On Thursday we had to go and meet with the baby trainer for the movie, who really just played with the boys to see what made them happy, etc. Friday we were able to go and meet Rob Huebel and a few of the other cast members including Chris Rock. Of course, things in our world often times seem to have a little bit more excitement and Friday proved to be no different. While waiting to meet Rob, Carter began to gag on goldfish and as I saw that he was going to throw up my instant mommy instinct was to turn his mouth towards me...and take all of it. It didn't end there though, and Carter had thrown up all over me, himself, and the floor! Thankfully we had a spare outfit for him in our diaper bag, and well...I was just stinky but it wasn't about me so while I felt gross I didn't mind.
The actors were all very nice and they had some "bonding time" with the boys. I snuck some cute pictures, but once again I can't publish them anywhere on the web. As if our day wasn't exciting enough, Carter also managed to gag himself on the way home and throw up all over himself (again) and the car seat. Let's just say that Mommy and Daddy were ready for naptime when we finally made it home!

Getting a snooze in on our way:

Here are the munchkins waiting to meet their actor:

Proud Momma:

Rob Huebel:

Link to the movie:

Nestle's Food

The boys LOVE Nestle, and they also love getting into her food bowl whenever Jared or I aren't paying attention. I decided to let Thing 1 and Thing 2 explore the other day just to see what all the excitement was about (but I also made sure that no food was going in our mouths!). Apparently they really wanted to put all of her food into her water bowl...just trying to help a friend out I guess!

Summertime Fun!

Ever since the weather has turned warmer I have been itching to take the boys to the spray ground near our house but wanted to wait until they started walking so we weren't in the way of the bigger kiddos. We have gone a few times now and the boys are really starting to love it! They are still timid of the bigger sprays but enjoy the little ones that come out of the ground...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011



Lights, Camera, Action!

It has been a fun filled week for Coleman and Carter! Last Thursday, they had an audition to be in a commercial for Mississippi Hospital representing a 1 year old boy as the same boy grows throughout the commercial. Unfortunately, I think our hair color was not what they were looking for but it was a fun experience nonetheless.

That same afternoon I got a call that another casting agency would like to have Coleman and Carter come to the set of the new movie being filmed, The Three Stooges that is being produced by the Farrelly brothers here in Atlanta. I thought it was another audition type thing until Monday night when I got the email with the directions, etc. that said their actual character, "Baby Moe". They had three sets of twins, each one played a different character (Larry, Curly, and Moe).

So, Tuesday morning my mom and I scurried to gather all of the boys gear and headed down to the set of the movie. It was SUCH a fun, awesome, amazing experience to see all of the behind the scenes action, and everyone was SO incredibly nice and loved on our two little guys. We did take some pictures on set, but were then told that it was not allowed, not to post on facebook, email out, etc. Sooo, you'll have to wait to see all of those, or I can sneak you a peek on my camera :o)

Coleman and Carter arriving to "work"

Some of the casting trailers...there were lots

The makeup chair for the boys...this was in a trailer of nothing but salon style chairs and mirrors.

Carter and I waiting to get his brows darkened...he laughed the entire time they did it.

Mom and Coleman waiting for his turn...Mom and Coleman got to sit next to Jennifer Hudson while Coleman was being worked neat!

Carter's final product...I now know what the boys would look like if they had Jared's color hair!

Heading to the set...

The casting director asked me to choose between the boys as to who could basically sit still and have others hold him. I texted Jared to help me make the decision, and we both decided that Coleman would probably be the more patient of the two...

...but then he had a meltdown when they were trimming his Moe wig and the director called for a swap, so Carter is actually in the final cut!

This is as far as I can take'll have to wait for the movie to see our "Little Moe"!

End Scene :o) if this day wasn't exciting enough, as soon as we got home and put the boys down I got a call from ANOTHER casting agency wanting me to bring the boys to meet their casting director that afternoon for another movie being filmed here in Atlanta! So, off we went and it looks like we are meeting with the producer and director tomorrow to see if we fit their needs...keep your fingers crossed!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Family Day Outing

Our weeks are pretty busy around here, with at least 4 nights every week of something going on and church on Sunday, so we always try to do something fun as a family on Saturday, even if it only means hanging out in the backyard. This Saturday we went to explore an old mill down the street from our house. I love rustic, old buildings and covered bridges and this place had them both...and a dam to boot! Here are some pictures from our outing...

We tried to get some Mommy and Daddy shots, but the water was MUCH more fun to look at than the camera...

North Point

When we first moved to Atlanta I wondered where we would begin "church shopping". We had been part of an amazing nondenominational church in Raleigh, and while I had grown up in an awesome church here in Roswell I wanted to find something that was similar to what we had grown accustomed to.

A few Sundays in Raleigh we had listened to some sermons by Andy Stanley and Jared and I both LOVED them. We loved the way that he spoke directly, was humorous about life's unexpectedness and his obvious love to tell "the story". His church was actually in Alpharetta, not too far from us, so we decided to begin our shopping there...we never left. Since then, we have become part of an amazing small group and have rarely missed a Sunday that we are in town. I love starting my week listening to Andy speak on current topics and making them so applicable to situations that I/we face in our daily lives. This morning I was the cheesy mom who took a few pictures of this wonderful home that we love and thought I'd share them with you all :o)

No, that's not a rock's the band at the church...although I do feel like I went to a mini concert every Sunday morning, and I love it. Yes, NP is a "mega church", but I can honestly say that I don't feel that way once I enter the doors.

Andy preaching:

This is Waumba is for children only a few weeks old through 4 year olds ('s where our munchkins go). Coleman and Carter LOVE going to their classroom, and it's taught by the same ladies each Sunday who I are so incredibly sweet (and definitely have their hands full with our two!). Waumba land is actually the first place (and only place) that I have ever left the boys, aside from our families, and I never worry that they aren't loving every minute!

Look at all of the fun things that hang from the ceiling! Carter and Coleman LOVE to point up at them and say "ish, ish = fish".

Gotta love this Birthday Bear!

I snuck this picture of Carter as we were picking them up...always so curious as to what everyone is it!

If you are ever interested in listening to any of Andy's sermons you can find them on itunes for free under: North Point Community Church Podcast