Sunday, July 10, 2011

North Point

When we first moved to Atlanta I wondered where we would begin "church shopping". We had been part of an amazing nondenominational church in Raleigh, and while I had grown up in an awesome church here in Roswell I wanted to find something that was similar to what we had grown accustomed to.

A few Sundays in Raleigh we had listened to some sermons by Andy Stanley and Jared and I both LOVED them. We loved the way that he spoke directly, was humorous about life's unexpectedness and his obvious love to tell "the story". His church was actually in Alpharetta, not too far from us, so we decided to begin our shopping there...we never left. Since then, we have become part of an amazing small group and have rarely missed a Sunday that we are in town. I love starting my week listening to Andy speak on current topics and making them so applicable to situations that I/we face in our daily lives. This morning I was the cheesy mom who took a few pictures of this wonderful home that we love and thought I'd share them with you all :o)

No, that's not a rock's the band at the church...although I do feel like I went to a mini concert every Sunday morning, and I love it. Yes, NP is a "mega church", but I can honestly say that I don't feel that way once I enter the doors.

Andy preaching:

This is Waumba is for children only a few weeks old through 4 year olds ('s where our munchkins go). Coleman and Carter LOVE going to their classroom, and it's taught by the same ladies each Sunday who I are so incredibly sweet (and definitely have their hands full with our two!). Waumba land is actually the first place (and only place) that I have ever left the boys, aside from our families, and I never worry that they aren't loving every minute!

Look at all of the fun things that hang from the ceiling! Carter and Coleman LOVE to point up at them and say "ish, ish = fish".

Gotta love this Birthday Bear!

I snuck this picture of Carter as we were picking them up...always so curious as to what everyone is it!

If you are ever interested in listening to any of Andy's sermons you can find them on itunes for free under: North Point Community Church Podcast

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