Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Sweet boys...

Some fun pictures of these silly boys...

Here Comes Peter Cottontail...

The Easter bunny came to our house!! He left a trail of jellybeans from Coleman and Carter's bedroom to their Easter baskets. He also left them pirate telescopes, bandanas, and treasure maps! Coleman and Carter were so excited that they slept in their bandanas, and held their telescopes and maps. We've been hunting for treasure all week....I sure hope they find some! That afternoon, we had both of our families over for lunch and had another Easter egg hunt for Coleman, Carter, and R.T.

Professional Egg Hunters...

Okay, so this was our last Easter egg hunt. It was at a church down the street and it was HUGE. Jared's brother, Daniel, was in town and was able to take part in the crazy festivities. There were tons of eggs, so the boys filled their baskets and then told us they were done. Ha! I'm pretty sure they are going to be confused next month when there are no more parties, holidays, or presents! Saturday afternoon, Jared's parents came in town and we also went to the Easter service at our church. I figured it was easier to get the munchkins dressed and ready for an afternoon service than letting them see their Easter baskets and forcing them into the car on Easter morning.

Church Easter Egg Hunt

We went to an Easter egg hunt at my parent's church and the boys had a blast. They had balloon animals, face painting, bounce houses, and a petting zoo. I'm pretty sure that the petting zoo was Coleman and Carter's favorite part! They loved chasing after the baby ducks and bunnies.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

We hosted the neighborhood Easter egg hunt this year and had a great time. The weather was absolutely beautiful, and the kids had a great time hunting for eggs and playing together.

Easter Egg Hunt with the Governor

We were invited to go to the Governor's Mansion for an Easter egg hunt this year by some friends. Unfortunately, it rained and the hunt was more of a "take an egg or two from the basket." The boys still had a good time and were able to see the Easter bunny.

Silly boys!

Watch out road!

Coleman and Carter got their own cars for their birthday...13 years early. :o) They LOVE their cars, and Carter has claimed the green tractor while Coleman has claimed the black suv. The first day I think they rode them outside for more than 3 hours before being dragged in. They are becoming great drivers and have lots of years to practice before the real deal.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I LOVE St. Patrick's Day and all of the fun festivities! We took the boys to a St. Patty's Day parade downtown and they loved it. They had so much fun watching all of the firetrucks and all of the floats.