Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Toes in the sand

We loaded up the boys and headed to the beach to spend a few days with Jared's parents in Florida and had a blast. The beach is by far my favorite place to be and I have to admit that I was anxious about how the boys were going to react to the sand. They have never been in a sandbox, and the last time we were at the beach they were only 6 months old. Well...Coleman and Carter absolutely loved it (and even liked putting it in their mouths).

Here was Carter's first reaction when we got to the beach Monday evening...I wanted to do the same thing but for some reason a 1 year old looks a lot cuter laying in the sand than a 31 year old...

Playing in the sand...

Back at the beach on Tuesday afternoon....

Milk break with Daddy...

"Helping" put up the canopy...

We took some family pictures on Tuesday night and out of the many pictures we took here are some of the ones where someone isn't blinking, crying, not looking, or clapping their hands. I love how they turned out!

Playing in the sand on Wednesday morning:

More pictures of the munchkins:

I was sad to say goodbye to such a fun time with family and gorgeous weather but excited we will be back at the beach in just a few weeks!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cookie Lovin' Boy!

Recently the boys have become VERY independent. They no longer want to hold my hand when walking, don't want to ride in their stroller, sit in their high chair, and are a hit or miss when it comes to riding in a shopping cart. So, as you can imagine grocery shopping can be an adventure when they both want out of the cart and to be held or walk, etc. I've tried putting them in separate shopping carts, the same shopping cart, holding one while the other rides, etc. By the end we usually have just a few things in our cart and one sweaty Mama!

In a desperate attempt yesterday to get our necessities I tried an all new tactic and found a cart that has the car in the front. This allowed me to put Carter in the front of the cart and be occupied with the steering wheel (without biting his brother) and put Coleman in the front of the cart with me. I also got them a kid cookie to split and they were AWESOME! Seriously the first time in weeks that I could take my time at the grocery store, look through my coupons (Love some couponing) and get everything on our list....but we did wind up a little bit messy afterwards...oh well, it was worth the chocolate mess!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Such Big Boys!

Coleman and Carter bring more smiles to my face each day than I could possibly count. They are simply the cutest things ever in my eyes and are becoming very independent lately. They can have their "moments" when they aren't happy and are at wits end (and usually so is Mommy), but for the most part they are just so content and sweet that I could eat them up!

Here are a few things the boys are doing lately:
~ Our highchairs are a hit or miss...they LOVE sitting at their big boy table but their attention spans are not the longest so it is difficult to get them to eat a whole meal there. This is a daily battle.
~ Talking. Some of the words the boys can say are:
Esee (Nestle)
Ish (Fish...for snack)
Ight (Light)
Bye Bye (complete with a blown kiss...such charmers)
I (Hi)
Yeah (this is used a lot on their toy phone...maybe I need to work on modeling different words...ha!)
Mommmm (Mama)
At (That)

I know there are a few more but this is what's on the top of my mind...and Yes, they definitely have their own "twin talk" language and will jabber on to each other making zero sense but the other one seems to get it!

At the Movies!

Whew! It has been one crazy long week in the Haden household, so my apologies for not getting to this sooner!

The boys began filming What to Expect when You're Expecting last Monday morning and filmed for 5 days in Piedmont Park before calling it a wrap. It was a fun, exhausting, interesting, hot, long, amazing experience and I can't wait until the movie is out next Mother's Day to see it all put together!

The boys play Rob Huebel's son in the movie, and I cannot say enough about what an AMAZING and sweet guy he is in person. He went above and beyond to bond with each of the boys and when the other actors would take a break he would come and find the boys and play/interact with them. I know the boys are going to miss their play buddy this week but Mommy sure is glad to be out of the heat!

The boys wore 4 different outfits for the filming and it is supposed to be based in the late fall/early spring time frame, so their clothes were H-0-T. I have to brag on Coleman and Carter though...they were the ONLY babies that did not have a meltdown on set!!! Goooooooooo boys! I cannot tell you how much it made my heart smile to watch their sweet personalities shine throughout such a long week when I myself wanted to have a meltdown. I attribute a lot of that to the bond they formed with their actor, Rob. I think they truly thought they were just playing the whole time :o)

The hardest part of the whole week was scheduling. We would not find out until after 9pm what time the boys had to be on set, and they always had different call times (so they could use each of them for 4 hours). You know me and my schedule craziness so this drove me bonkers! The past few days have been interesting as we are trying to get them back on schedule...the SAME schedule...fingers crossed it doesn't take too much longer!

Okay, enough of my jibber are some pictures from our week:

This is our "doll" in the event one of the boys were to have a meltdown. Super realistic, and super creepy!

Sunday, August 7, 2011