Monday, August 22, 2011

At the Movies!

Whew! It has been one crazy long week in the Haden household, so my apologies for not getting to this sooner!

The boys began filming What to Expect when You're Expecting last Monday morning and filmed for 5 days in Piedmont Park before calling it a wrap. It was a fun, exhausting, interesting, hot, long, amazing experience and I can't wait until the movie is out next Mother's Day to see it all put together!

The boys play Rob Huebel's son in the movie, and I cannot say enough about what an AMAZING and sweet guy he is in person. He went above and beyond to bond with each of the boys and when the other actors would take a break he would come and find the boys and play/interact with them. I know the boys are going to miss their play buddy this week but Mommy sure is glad to be out of the heat!

The boys wore 4 different outfits for the filming and it is supposed to be based in the late fall/early spring time frame, so their clothes were H-0-T. I have to brag on Coleman and Carter though...they were the ONLY babies that did not have a meltdown on set!!! Goooooooooo boys! I cannot tell you how much it made my heart smile to watch their sweet personalities shine throughout such a long week when I myself wanted to have a meltdown. I attribute a lot of that to the bond they formed with their actor, Rob. I think they truly thought they were just playing the whole time :o)

The hardest part of the whole week was scheduling. We would not find out until after 9pm what time the boys had to be on set, and they always had different call times (so they could use each of them for 4 hours). You know me and my schedule craziness so this drove me bonkers! The past few days have been interesting as we are trying to get them back on schedule...the SAME schedule...fingers crossed it doesn't take too much longer!

Okay, enough of my jibber are some pictures from our week:

This is our "doll" in the event one of the boys were to have a meltdown. Super realistic, and super creepy!

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TBG said...

Haha that doll IS creepy! So awesome about the movie!