Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Pictures from this week

I know I have been slow to update the blog this week, so here are some pictures of my buddies to enjoy :o)

A Wedding and a Farm

Two weekends ago, we went to Huntsville, Alabama for a visit with Jared's family and the wedding of his cousin Josh and his beautiful bride, Anna. We all had a great time and the scenery was just beautiful! I wish I had taken a few pictures at the ceremony to share how gorgeous the overlook was for Josh and Anna's vows, but I was a busy bee keeping our small friends quiet...Here are some pictures from the farm that afternoon:
After playing on the farm all afternoon, we headed to Josh and Anna's wedding. I thought that the boys would last MAYBE an hour since it started at their bedtime and was prepared to leave separate to put them down for bed...and of course they surprised me like they always do! They LOVED dancing. LOVED.LOVED.LOVED. I couldn't get them off of the dance floor except to go to the bathroom (where they kept saying "mo' dance!!". They absolutely loved Jared's cousins, Nathan and Carly too. The next two days were not so fun for my two munchkins who were off schedule and overly tired, but I'd say they had a lot of fun that night! h
And of course you know I had to take more pictures of our little guys with such gorgeous scenery in the background!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Choo Choo!!

You know I love a good deal, but not half as much as Coleman and Carter love trains!! So, when a deal came along for a family season pass to the railroad museum for $35 there was no question as to whether or not we would get our monies worth! We surprised the boys and took them last weekend because they were having a truck and tractor show in addition to the trains...can you say little boy Heaven?? As soon as I set Coleman down on the ground from the car he started dancing and yelling "choo choo!!". They were smitten. We walked around the trains, went inside the trains, and rode on the caboose of their working train...the boys L-O-V-E-D every.minute.of.it.
After playing on the trains we headed over to the truck and tractor exhibit where Carter squealed "Yellow truck!!". I think he just may work in construction one day...he loves big yellow construction trucks like you wouldn't believe.
This has to be my favorite picture of my truck lovin' boy...check out that serious face!!
What a fun day we had!! We will definitely be going more often...I don't think these boys could ever get tired of their choo choo's!!