Monday, June 27, 2011

One Long Legged Little Boy

Coleman and Carter are definitely going to be tall little guys (I wonder where they get that from...), so maybe I should have thought about placing them sideways in their cribs when they were infants. Both of the boys still really enjoy sleeping this way, only now their little feet don't quite fit like they used to. This is what Jared and I found when we went to say goodnight to the other night (Coleman)...of course we put those little toes back into the crib where they belong before we left, but something tells me they were probably right back out...I could just kiss those little toes all day long! :o)


I have learned one thing over the past 15 months (Okay, maybe a LOT more than 1)...boys will be boys! I honestly think that God creates these adorable little boys with an instantaneous love for trucks, sticks, and anything they can flip over and ride around the room. Not that I don't love having my kitchen furniture pushed around the room, or my pillows thrown on the floor, or my cords tested to make sure they're plugged in by pulling on them...all of these things just add to my smiles at the end of the day, and my stories to tell these two cuties one day.

Coleman and Carter LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to push anything and everything around. Anything. They will even open up a book and it becomes and instant toy as they push it around our house...absolutely hilarious. So, I am happy when they decide to push something that was actually meant for pushing...and of course these guys are waaay too busy to hold their sippy with their hand and push just one car, what's the fun in that?! L-O-V-E them!

Firehouse Subs

I think ever since I was pregnant and read that I could not eat deli meat during those 9 months that I have gained a new found love for the sub sandwich. Mom and I took the munchkins to Firehouse subs the other day and while they weren't too keen on sharing my sandwich, they sure did enjoy the people watching and snacks that I had brought along for them. Carter flirted with one of the ladies working there by showing off his "bye bye" waves and she was so sweet to then give the boys their very own fire hats. They were a HIT! The boys love playing with Jared's baseball caps, so I think that a plastic red big boy hat was the most exciting thing that happened to them that day, and hopefully they'll learn to love sub sandwiches just as much as I do! :o)


Okay, so maybe we aren't QUITE VanGough status just yet but the boys sure did have a good time painting in the yard! We pulled out all of the colors and created a "Masterpiece" for Jared to hang in his office (or at least tell us that he's going to anyway). The boys were definitely a little more into it this time around than when we last experimented with finger paint, and I had the pool filled up and ready to go for us to splash in and get all of the paint off which made for an easy cleanup.

And of course you can't contain boys in a pool for too long...there are sticks to discover!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Book Worms

One of the boys favorite things to do is to read books...they love sitting in your lap and pointing out objects in a story (provided it's not a wordy story!), and over the past week they've REALLY started to show an interest in picking up the book and "talking" as they point to pictures in the book. Not only does it make my "Mommy heart" smile, but it also makes my inner school teacher cheer. Love, love, love these little guys and watching them grow by leaps and bounds!

They also love to drink from their sippy cups...without using their hands. I guess they're multi-taskers just like their Mommy!

And...this face just makes me laugh...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mr. Curious

Carter and Coleman are pretty much into anything and everything they can be at this point which makes life exciting, but at the same time it is so amazing to watch them become independent and develop into little people!

Carter is beyond observant of his environment and has now decided that he can "help" go is a picture of my little helper trying to go to the sun room.


No, we do not live in the country or by a lot of land...but yet there are goats near us. The boys love going there but are really starting to get excited when they see them and like to point and laugh at these cute little animals. Coleman and Carter still haven't quite figured out that the crackers I give them are to be used to feed the goats, not them... one day..

Two Brave Little Boys

Yesterday Coleman and Carter had their 15 month check up. I think the theme was "2". We had 2 sweet babies with 2 adults waiting 2 hours for 2 shots. Through it all though the boys were troopers and afterwards we got 2 ice creams for those 2 brave boys :o)

Here are the current stats on our big guys:

Coleman and Carter both weigh just over 20lbs.
Carter is 31.25 inches tall
Coleman is 32 inches tall

They had grown almost 3 inches since their last visit! We are definitely going to have some tall little guys on our hands. Here are our brave boys after all of the excitement...

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Buddies

Every day these two little guys just seem to get cuter and cuter!!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, so maybe just a few words about my little buddies :o)

Coleman and Carter are both starting to be able to walk independently a few steps at a time. They will walk around an entire room holding just one of your hands...I think their fear will go within the next few weeks and they will be RUNNING around our house before we know it!

They are completely off of their bottles and are only drinking from their sippy cups...they drink a half a gallon of organic whole milk a day!

They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each other and will often times wake up in the morning or from naps laughing and playing with one another through their cribs. Makes a Mommy's heart smile!

They are ALL boy. Did I say ALL? Because every.ounce.of.them has a desire to climb, discover, and get into anything and everything that they can. I can see the emergency room visits in our future already...

Sweet tooth...they definitely both have one! They don't seem to complain when the baker at Publix offers them a cookie, or we have a granola bar with chocolate in it for our snack (see Carter's chocolate goatee below). It's not an every day occurrence, but they make my life sweeter so I don't mind giving them a little sugar every now and then :o)

Smiles and laughter. This is one of life's greatest gifts and we are so incredibly blessed to have both of these in abundance with these two sweet little guys. I am head over heels in love with our family and can't wait for all of the fun memories to come!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Just a few pictures....

I know that I have been slow to update the blog lately, so here are a few pictures of our week...enjoy!

The Aquarium

Jared and I went to the Georgia Aquarium on one of our first dates as a couple over 5 years ago and I had not been back since. The funny thing is that I remember how many strollers there were and how annoying it was to he and I to try to navigate between them to see all of the fish. And now....we are those people with the stroller...times 2!

My girlfriend, Andrea, and her little girl, Ella, invited us to go with them in the morning a few weeks ago and we had a BLAST. The boys absolutely loved every minute of it and were "talking" and pointing at all of the fish. I was in awe of the magnitude of the aquariums, so I know it had to have been just awesome to see in their eyes. I can't wait to go back...maybe next time we'll take Jared and we can talk about how easy it must be for all of those people who don't have strollers...