Monday, June 27, 2011

Firehouse Subs

I think ever since I was pregnant and read that I could not eat deli meat during those 9 months that I have gained a new found love for the sub sandwich. Mom and I took the munchkins to Firehouse subs the other day and while they weren't too keen on sharing my sandwich, they sure did enjoy the people watching and snacks that I had brought along for them. Carter flirted with one of the ladies working there by showing off his "bye bye" waves and she was so sweet to then give the boys their very own fire hats. They were a HIT! The boys love playing with Jared's baseball caps, so I think that a plastic red big boy hat was the most exciting thing that happened to them that day, and hopefully they'll learn to love sub sandwiches just as much as I do! :o)

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