Saturday, March 31, 2012

Easter Pictures

Last week we went to take Easter pictures...there weren't a whole lot of smiles going on during our quick mini session, but she got some cute pictures anyway. And of course they were all smiles afterwards!

Easter Egg Hunt 2

This morning we had an Easter egg hunt for the neighborhood at our house. It was so wonderful to get to be with our neighbors and to meet new ones. The "Easter bunny" had a sick child but sent the bunny suit along, and my mom volunteered to play the part! She was such a cute bunny, but the boys weren't too sure about the outfit but they eventually warmed up to it/her. Overall, it was a fun, fun morning and hopefully the first of many annual neighborhood hunts at our home!

Easter Egg Hunts

The boys LOVE hunting for Easter eggs, and they've been able to go to two hunts so far already! Last weekend they went to a hunt at a local church with Jared and his parents. I had to take a test to renew my teaching certificate, but it looked like they had a great time!

Playing Outside

I love being outside and from the looks of things, Coleman and Carter do too! They have a fit whenever we have to come inside to eat, and now that the weather has warmed up they are really loving seeing all of the new creatures that are coming out! We watched the worms wiggle and held a caterpillar on our arms and even watched the ants run in all directions.

Water Bugs

Coleman and Carter LOVE the water! They love to splash in puddles, play in the bath tub, you name it...anything that has to do with water they are all about it. So, I shouldn't have been too surprised when I decided to clear out all of the furniture from our sunroom to mop the pollen and these two decided to make the mop bucket their own personal mini pool. Love it!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Daddy's Tools

Have I mentioned that Coleman and Carter are ALL.BOY?! They L-O-V-E to climb, wrestle, and play with anything and everything that is related to Jared and his tools. We have bought them miniature versions of a blower, a chainsaw, a weed eater, a mower, and who knows what else, but these two are all about them.

Here is a picture of Carter using the stud finder he managed to get when he got on his tiptoes and scavenged around Jared's work bench the other day...don't worry...he checked for studs on EVERYTHING. The ground, Nestle, my back, my head, his toes, their toy cars, the side of the work bench, you name it and we looked for studs! When it would beep he would say, "wow, cool!"....I have a feeling these two guys are going to be "helping" their Daddy a LOT this summer with his projects whether he wants it or not!

Two Year Appointment

Coleman and Carter had their two year appointment earlier this week and they did GREAT!! They were the exact same height (34 inches), weight (25lbs) and even had the EXACT same about weird! They really are two peas in a pod :o)

They also had their fingers pricked to check their iron count...Coleman went first and smiled as she pricked his little finger, so of course since it is monkey see, monkey do with these two, Carter held his index finger up because he wanted one also! He smiled through it too and then when it came time for their polio vaccine (they are on a delayed vaccination schedule and only had one shot) they both smiled and were more excited about the "sticker" aka band-aid than anything else. Definitely a surprise to me, but it couldn't have been a smoother doctor's visit for them or the nurse and doctor taking care of them. I am so proud of our two two year old boys!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bike Ride!!

The weather has been GORGEOUS this week, and I have been itching to take Coleman and Carter on a bike ride in our new to us bike seats. Jared assembled them (thank goodness for handy husbands!) and off we went! The boys LOVED it and would wave and giggle each time we got close to one another...our legs are definitely a little tired after pulling around an extra 30lbs but I am excited about all of the family bike rides in our future!

What are these funny kind of hats?

Talking about their first bike ride:

Here we go!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Because our mom thinks we're cute....

I take way too many pictures of these two cute little guys! Here are some fun ones to enjoy!