Thursday, March 1, 2012

First Day of "School"

Coleman and Carter had their first day of "School" today (aka Mom's morning out)! Carter was less than thrilled when it was time for me to leave him which of course broke my heart, but when I came to pick them up both of the boys were having a GREAT time and Coleman wasn't ready to leave...he was too busy organizing and sorting to even notice I was there. :o) I definitely missed my little guys for the few hours it was this morning but I know they really enjoyed being around other little munchkins, and I enjoyed getting a few things accomplished without my little helpers. :o)

Here are some pictures of breakfast and before we left...Carter LOVES to say "cheeeeese" and give you his cheesiest smile lately...too cute :o)


Wendi and Nick Freeman said...

Hi Janet- Your boys are adorable and I love following all of your adventures. I saw the baby gate in your picture at the bottom of the stairs and wondering what kind it is.

We have the similar stairs and are having an issue finding gates that will attach to the thin wooden bars of the rail post.

The Hadens said...

Hi Wendi! Here is a link to the gate...we LOVE it and have moved it around our house as the boys have grown.