Friday, March 23, 2012

Two Year Appointment

Coleman and Carter had their two year appointment earlier this week and they did GREAT!! They were the exact same height (34 inches), weight (25lbs) and even had the EXACT same about weird! They really are two peas in a pod :o)

They also had their fingers pricked to check their iron count...Coleman went first and smiled as she pricked his little finger, so of course since it is monkey see, monkey do with these two, Carter held his index finger up because he wanted one also! He smiled through it too and then when it came time for their polio vaccine (they are on a delayed vaccination schedule and only had one shot) they both smiled and were more excited about the "sticker" aka band-aid than anything else. Definitely a surprise to me, but it couldn't have been a smoother doctor's visit for them or the nurse and doctor taking care of them. I am so proud of our two two year old boys!!

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