Friday, March 23, 2012

Daddy's Tools

Have I mentioned that Coleman and Carter are ALL.BOY?! They L-O-V-E to climb, wrestle, and play with anything and everything that is related to Jared and his tools. We have bought them miniature versions of a blower, a chainsaw, a weed eater, a mower, and who knows what else, but these two are all about them.

Here is a picture of Carter using the stud finder he managed to get when he got on his tiptoes and scavenged around Jared's work bench the other day...don't worry...he checked for studs on EVERYTHING. The ground, Nestle, my back, my head, his toes, their toy cars, the side of the work bench, you name it and we looked for studs! When it would beep he would say, "wow, cool!"....I have a feeling these two guys are going to be "helping" their Daddy a LOT this summer with his projects whether he wants it or not!

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