Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter (Part 3)

Easter is one of my favorite holidays because of all that it represents. Jared and I attended our church last night since Carter has a little bit of a cold. I love hearing the story of the resurrection and Jesus' sacrifice for our sins.

Jared and I...I mean the Easter bunny....set out the boys Easter baskets last night. It was SO much fun to do this as a parent and to think of the many Easters that we will be doing this together. It didn't take long after their morning bottle for C and C to discover all of their fun new things from the Easter bunny...

Then it was time for Easter Bunny pancakes...

After playing with our new things and breakfast, we headed outside for some pictures before our morning nap...

Then it was off to Nana and Poppy's house for Easter lunch. I love how my mom takes a theme and literally runs with cute! We had a great time with my parents and Dave and Mercy...they are expecting their little bunny any day now! I cannot WAIT to meet our nephew!

The boys had so much fun today that they were in bed early and I doubt we hear a peep from them all night!

Happy Easter!!

Easter (Part 2)

Saturday morning we headed off to my parents subdivision for another fun Easter egg hunt! The boys had a great time "hunting" for eggs and our friends Courtney, Casey and Hudson even came to join in the excitement.

Carter found a golden ticket!! He picked a candy bar for his Mommy since the other prizes were a little too old for him...such a sweet boy! :o)

After the egg hunt we went to feed the geese before heading home for our morning nap. Such a fun morning!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter (Part 1)

We have had a fun and busy week (hence the slow blog updates!) and much of it revolved around Easter, so I've split . We attended an Easter egg hunt at my parents church, which is the church that I also grew up in, on Wednesday night. We had a blast, and the boys LOVED shaking the eggs that they found,and Coleman was a huge fan of the petting wouldn't surprise me if that little munchkin grows up to be a vet one day due to his love of animals. Of course we took tons of pictures, but here are a few to enjoy...