Monday, March 29, 2010

An Apple a Day....

The boys had their check up today at the pediatrician and they did great!! Carter now weighs 5.7lbs and Coleman weighs 5.9! They have gained a lot of weight over the past few days and are eating machines!! The doctor was very impressed with their progress in the special care nursery and the fact that they did not have any complications per se and were just in there to grow and eat. I am so proud of those sweet boys!

Carter did manage to pee all over the scale and the nurse manager but she learned her lesson and was quicker with Coleman. Glad to know it's not just their mom and dad that they like to squirt all over ;o) The boys enjoyed the car ride and came home and crashed on their Nana's lap (my mom) after their big adventure.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

There's No Place Like Home...

We were able to bring the boys home yesterday! It was truly an awesome feeling to have both of those sweet boys at our home and made us feel like our adventure into parenthood had truly begun. The boys had a great first day and enjoyed meeting their big sister, Nestle, who was a little unsure of them at first but wound up giving them kisses and staying closer to them as the day went on. I know she's going to be their best friend before long and is going to be overly protective of those two little guys!

In our car seats and ready to go home!

My Mom decorated our house for Coleman and Carter's arrival and they enjoyed seeing all of the balloons and banners that were decorating the house in their honor.

Here are some pictures from our first day at home as a family :o)

Leaving the Special Care Nursery.

One Proud Mama!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Weeks Old!

Our sweet baby boys are two weeks old today and it's amazing to think of how far they have come in the past two weeks...from isolettes to suntanning for jaundice to their big boy crib and now to the family room. It's hard to imagine that they would still be inside of me for another two weeks if they were carried to term. We are so incredibly blessed to have such happy, healthy, and beautiful baby boys! I love them so much now that I can't imagine having to wait another two weeks to have fallen in love with them.

The family room is a really tiny room (smaller than a dorm room) that consists of a couch that turns into a bed, a sink, a tv, and cribs for the boys. Jared and I have been able to enjoy the family room since yesterday morning. It's basically like playing "house" as we are responsible for the boys and our nurse comes in every 4 hours to take their vital signs. We are allowed to wheel them back to the nursery if we need a break, but I can't imagine taking a break from these little guys! It looks like they will hopefully be able to go home tomorrow if they are able to continue eating well and maintaining their body weight, so say a little prayer that they will be able to do so! Jared and I CANNOT wait to get them home and have our new family all under one roof together (and not a roof that belongs to Wakemed)!

The boys have been feeding really well, and I have decided to forgo the breastfeeding. Trying to breastfeed two babies, one at a time, and then pump was just doing me in. I'm still pumping, so the boys are receiving breast milk, however we are now giving them bottles with the milk. It has been SO much easier for us and Jared and I are able to feed both boys at once, which cuts down on the time tremendously.

I took this picture this morning after their feeding. Jared decided to give the boys some skin to skin time while I pumped. I think all three of them loved snuggling together and just being close to each other. I sure do love my boys!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Carter Tells His Story

On Saturday Jared was holding Carter after his feeding and we could hear and smell him starting to go to the bathroom in his diaper. Jared gave him a few minutes before changing his diaper, but halfway through the changing session we realized that Carter wasn't quite finished. He pooped all over his outfit, his swaddling blanket, and his new diaper as Jared had his legs in the air. Needless to say, Jared was disgusted and I couldn't stop laughing.

Here is the video of Carter telling HIS side of the story...

Friday, March 19, 2010

Just a little update on those sweet boys...

The boys are doing great! They are able to maintain their own body temperatures in the shared crib and are really starting to understand and follow a schedule. This morning when we got to the hospital they were facing one another and were just was the cutest thing and I hate that I didn't have my camera to share it with you guys! They are both feeding well and are wide awake when we go to visit every three hours, so they are getting into the swing of things!

We were able to bring in some of our own swaddling blankets for the boys and of course we wanted them to match, so here is a picture of their new wardrobes from yesterday. We are also members of the TMOTT group here in in North Carolina which is an organization for moms of multiples. Yesterday we were invited to go to the house of the chairperson for their preemie closet and were overly blessed to be able to borrow tons of preemie clothes for the boys to wear for a little while until they are big enough to fit into newborn clothes. T

he doctors and nurses have given us an anticipated coming home date of next weekend! Keep your fingers crossed that we will be able to have those sweet boys sleeping in our room in just a few more days. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the staff in the special care nursery has been and how much they love the sweet babies that are in there. It is comforting to know that Coleman and Carter are in such great hands when we are unable to be there.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Boys First YouTube Video

We had a lot of fun with the boys last night and Jared made a cute little video....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Our Little Leprechauns

Sorry it has taken me so long to update with our exciting news. We are busy bees going to the hospital every three hours to feed the boys and then coming home to nap before doing it all over again. It's definitely tiring but those cute little guys are totally worth it!! We don't go to every feeding, but we try to be there for as many as we possibly can. Both grandparents have also filled in to hold their sweet grandsons...I'm sure neither one of them minds. ;o)

Our exciting news is that Carter is now out of his isolette also! The boys are now sharing a "big boy crib" and are able to regulate their own body temperatures. They have made so much progress over the past 6 days! It's hard to believe that they will be a week old tomorrow. We are hoping to be able to bring them home sometime late next week/weekend but they need to continue to gain weight and maintain their feedings, feed on their own, etc. Keep those prayers coming that they will continue to progress as quickly as possible. We just can't wait for the day that the four of us are able to leave the hospital together as a family....what an awesome feeling that will be! I'll continue to update pictures and their progress as much as I can in the coming days.

Wordless Wednesday

Those Sweet Baby Boys

I was going to do several posts of everything that has gone on since last Thursday, but I figured an abridged version would be a lot easier. So here ya go!

On Thursday night both Coleman and Carter were put into separate isolettes to help maintain their body temperatures. They were hooked up to heart monitors, oxygen saturation monitors, and given feeding tubes to make sure they were receiving the right amount of milk and not having to burn calories to work for it. The boys did great and I was able to start trying to nurse them Friday morning. It took a little bit of coaxing and a lot of energy on their part, but eventually we were all on the same page and they were able to receive the tube feeding and my milk as an added bonus. Since they were in separate isolettes and in separate stalls in the special care nursery we were allowed to have four visitors (2 per stall). Sometimes we were able to hold the boys after they nursed, and sometimes they needed to be put back right away to maintain their body just depended on how things were going. Both grandparents were able to hold the boys and love on them...these sweet boys are already spoiled by their Nana, Poppy, Lovey, and Bigpoppa!

The boys did great all weekend but were starting to show signs of jaundice and on Monday Coleman had to be put under the lights to help his liver function properly. The neonatal doctor told us he would likely be under there for 3-4 days, but Coleman had other intentions and was out the very next day! Carter followed suit and was put underneath the lights all day Tuesday with the expectation that he would be under there for a few days also and was out first thing this morning. I've included some pictures of them underneath the lights, they had to wear "shades" to keep their eyes protected. Carter managed to take his off three times by himself! I think we have a sneakster on our hands...I'm SO proud of our boys and the amazing growth they have shown so far! On Tuesday both boys were also able to have their IV's removed which was a huge feat since their poor little arms were all taped up and the heaviness of the board they had to use to support their little arm to do so.

I was discharged on Monday evening and it was really tough for Jared and I to leave the boys at the hospital and come home without them. Mom and Dad decorated the house for us and it was so incredibly sweet that I couldn't stop crying. I can't wait until the boys are here and we're able to show them off to everyone! Since I've been discharged Jared and I are able to sleep in our own bed, which is nice, but we go to the hospital all day long to nurse and see the boys as much as possible. Our day starts at 5:30 in the morning up there and ends around 10pm. Between all of that I am pumping milk to bring to them and Jared is getting back into his routine at work. It's been a crazy, tiring few days but seeing those boys every three hours makes it completely worth it.

Last night our awesome special care nurse, Michelle, took our first family photograph! Since the boys were in separate stalls and isolettes we were never able to hold them together because of all of the wires and dividers, but she brought Coleman over to Carter's side and took on the role as our professional photographer. It was such a sweet and amazing moment for Jared and I to finally have our whole family together.

This post is a long one, so I'll do a separate one about our exciting news today later this evening.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Boys Have Arrived!!

All day on Thursday I was feeling a bit crampy and just didn't feel well. I decided to call our OBGYN just to have everything checked out and to ease my mind, especially since Jared was out of town in Charlotte for business. After my exam, my doctor determined that I was having contractions and that he wanted to send me over to the labor and delivery unit to have them checked. Of course I was extremely nervous since Jared was out of town, but once he got the call that I was heading to the hospital he hit the road to get back home as soon as possible. Kara and Monte, two of our amazing friends here, came to stay with me while we I was waiting to see the doctor.

Once I was admitted to the hospital, Dr. Wylcloft came to check me and thought that I was not leaking amniotic fluid but that she would keep me overnight just for observation. This was a great relief to me since I was only 34 weeks and 1 day long, but little did we know that this was not the plan that Coleman and Carter had in mind. I started to have some pretty severe contractions and trouble talking through them and felt like I just needed to get out of the bed, so I went to use the restroom. Kara helped me to the restroom and stood outside to make sure everything was okay, and sure enough as soon as I stood up my water broke! The nurse also happened to walk in at that exact moment in time and witnessed it as well and hurried to get our doctor. Kara is such an awesome friend and blessing to us and I don't know what I would've done without her being there! When she came back and checked me I was 90% effaced and dilated, so she began to get on the phone to get the c section moving.

Thankfully, Jared came within minutes of my water breaking and was able to comfort me through the contractions as they became more intense and as my epidural was put in. I was so happy just to have my sweet husband there and to be able to hold his hand! It's amazing how much comfort and love I have for that man!!

At 11pm they wheeled me in for my c section and I was surprisingly not extremely anxious. I think I still hadn't quite wrapped my head around the fact that our family was about to grow by two. Jared went back and got on the outfit he was to wear and then took a seat next to my head and held my hand. Coleman was the first to be delivered at 11:29pm weighing 5lbs 6oz and measuring 18 inches long. Carter was not far behind weighing 5lbs 2oz and also measuring 18 inches long. We were able to only see the boys for a quick minute before they were whisked away to be assessed and cleaned up. Aside from marrying my best friend, I can't think of a happier moment in my life.

Jared was able to go to the special nursery and watch the boys have their first bath while I was recovering. Around 5:30 Friday morning I was able to be wheeled down to the nursery and see our sweet boys for the first time. I was instantly in love! Here are some pictures of our BEAUTIFUL baby boys.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Less than a month to go!!!

I am now 34 weeks and we have less than a month to go until our April 7th due date! I had an appointment today and the boys heartbeats sounded great. The "top bunk" is still in the breech position and was a busy bee when our obgyn was trying to hear his heartbeat but he finally settled down enough to let her get a clear reading. The hospital is going to call me this week to schedule my C-Section which is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time...I think it makes it all "real". Obviously we will cancel the C-Section if the top bunk decides to turn head down, but we need to go ahead and get it on the books in case he decides that he is comfortable where he is. I have gone back and forth as to which one I would prefer, but to be honest I could care less as long as these sweet boys of ours come out happy and healthy!

Here is a picture of my gigantic belly this week! I can definitely tell that the belly is growing outward and am getting more and more uncomfortable with each day, but to feel those sweet boys moving makes it all worth it. I think the most difficult part has been getting in and out of bed and trying to sleep for more than 30 minutes without having to change positions or go to the bathroom! So far I have gained 64lbs!!!! My obgyn wants me to keep on truckin' but I am not sure how much bigger I can honestly get. I have been fortunate in regards to face is a little swollen and I have decided to forgo my wedding rings because my hands are a little swollen and ache pretty badly, but I am able to still wear my shoes and my ankles are not swollen at all...hopefully it will all stay that way!

We have gotten both of the carrycots in and put them on our stroller...I can't wait until Coleman and Carter are in there!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Almost 33 Weeks!

We have reached a big milestone for twins by making it past the 32 week mark! This means that Coleman and Carter are also now able to be be delivered at the hospital we want them to instead of at Duke or at UNC due to their level of NICU's. Way to go guys!!

I am tracked out and able to stay home and put my feet up during the day which sounds like it would be a dream come true, but it can be quite boring after a few days so I find myself going to lunch with friends and running errands to stores that have the electric cart I can use. If you've never ridden in an electric cart, you definitely should! It was awkward at first but now it's a lot of fun.

We had our appointment with our specialist today and the boys are doing great! The bottom bunk is still head down and is weighing just under 4lbs, and the top bunk has turned himself to the breech position and is just over 4lbs. I can DEFINITELY feel the difference as these boys grow and move around in my belly, and you can definitely see them rocking and rolling around in there through my shirt. It's a lot of fun for Jared and I to feel those sweet boys movin' and groovin' all hours of the day.

Hopefully the little guys will stay in there for at least 3 more weeks when they will be "term" for twins, but we would really love it if they'd stay in until their due date on April 7th!!