Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Less than a month to go!!!

I am now 34 weeks and we have less than a month to go until our April 7th due date! I had an appointment today and the boys heartbeats sounded great. The "top bunk" is still in the breech position and was a busy bee when our obgyn was trying to hear his heartbeat but he finally settled down enough to let her get a clear reading. The hospital is going to call me this week to schedule my C-Section which is exciting and nerve wracking at the same time...I think it makes it all "real". Obviously we will cancel the C-Section if the top bunk decides to turn head down, but we need to go ahead and get it on the books in case he decides that he is comfortable where he is. I have gone back and forth as to which one I would prefer, but to be honest I could care less as long as these sweet boys of ours come out happy and healthy!

Here is a picture of my gigantic belly this week! I can definitely tell that the belly is growing outward and am getting more and more uncomfortable with each day, but to feel those sweet boys moving makes it all worth it. I think the most difficult part has been getting in and out of bed and trying to sleep for more than 30 minutes without having to change positions or go to the bathroom! So far I have gained 64lbs!!!! My obgyn wants me to keep on truckin' but I am not sure how much bigger I can honestly get. I have been fortunate in regards to swelling...my face is a little swollen and I have decided to forgo my wedding rings because my hands are a little swollen and ache pretty badly, but I am able to still wear my shoes and my ankles are not swollen at all...hopefully it will all stay that way!

We have gotten both of the carrycots in and put them on our stroller...I can't wait until Coleman and Carter are in there!


Anna said...

Whoa mama! I know you think it can't get any bigger but it will!!! LOVE the stroller!! Those sweet boys are going to LOVE it!

Dave Lemke said...

Who would have thought that 48 hours after you thought you had a month to go that you guys would be the proud parents of two baby boys! We are so excited for you both and so thankful that the delivery went smooth. I can't wait to meet my nephews. We love you guys so much and we are so happy for you!!!

leena said...

saw the fb pics! congratulations! they look perfect!

TBG said...

saw on anna's blog that the boys came---CONGRATULATIONS!!! cant wait for the post :)