Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Boys Have Arrived!!

All day on Thursday I was feeling a bit crampy and just didn't feel well. I decided to call our OBGYN just to have everything checked out and to ease my mind, especially since Jared was out of town in Charlotte for business. After my exam, my doctor determined that I was having contractions and that he wanted to send me over to the labor and delivery unit to have them checked. Of course I was extremely nervous since Jared was out of town, but once he got the call that I was heading to the hospital he hit the road to get back home as soon as possible. Kara and Monte, two of our amazing friends here, came to stay with me while we I was waiting to see the doctor.

Once I was admitted to the hospital, Dr. Wylcloft came to check me and thought that I was not leaking amniotic fluid but that she would keep me overnight just for observation. This was a great relief to me since I was only 34 weeks and 1 day long, but little did we know that this was not the plan that Coleman and Carter had in mind. I started to have some pretty severe contractions and trouble talking through them and felt like I just needed to get out of the bed, so I went to use the restroom. Kara helped me to the restroom and stood outside to make sure everything was okay, and sure enough as soon as I stood up my water broke! The nurse also happened to walk in at that exact moment in time and witnessed it as well and hurried to get our doctor. Kara is such an awesome friend and blessing to us and I don't know what I would've done without her being there! When she came back and checked me I was 90% effaced and dilated, so she began to get on the phone to get the c section moving.

Thankfully, Jared came within minutes of my water breaking and was able to comfort me through the contractions as they became more intense and as my epidural was put in. I was so happy just to have my sweet husband there and to be able to hold his hand! It's amazing how much comfort and love I have for that man!!

At 11pm they wheeled me in for my c section and I was surprisingly not extremely anxious. I think I still hadn't quite wrapped my head around the fact that our family was about to grow by two. Jared went back and got on the outfit he was to wear and then took a seat next to my head and held my hand. Coleman was the first to be delivered at 11:29pm weighing 5lbs 6oz and measuring 18 inches long. Carter was not far behind weighing 5lbs 2oz and also measuring 18 inches long. We were able to only see the boys for a quick minute before they were whisked away to be assessed and cleaned up. Aside from marrying my best friend, I can't think of a happier moment in my life.

Jared was able to go to the special nursery and watch the boys have their first bath while I was recovering. Around 5:30 Friday morning I was able to be wheeled down to the nursery and see our sweet boys for the first time. I was instantly in love! Here are some pictures of our BEAUTIFUL baby boys.


TBG said...

congratulations, janet and jared! i'm glad that everything went well and am excited for updates on the boys! hope your recovery goes well!

Kara said...

I feel so blessed to have been there with you for what turned out to be an amazing day! Love you all!!