Tuesday, August 31, 2010


The weather is beginning to cool down a bit and it is FINALLY nice enough to take these sweet boys for a walk! Yesterday we took the boys on a walk to the lake in my parents neighborhood and Coleman was able to see the ducks and watch them swim. Carter would have seen them too but he was "resting his eyes" while we were there :o)

Hopefully the weather continues this way and we can take many more walks this week!

Lake Trip

Sorry for the delay in blog posts lately! Coleman accidentally spit up on my laptop when I was holding him one day and finishing an email at the same time (multi-tasking mama!), so needless to say some of the keys on my laptop are now toast and I have to sit down at a desktop when I get a sec to type. A new keyboard is on its way though, so hopefully this is temporary!

This weekend we went to Lake Martin to visit with Jared's parents and brother and sister. We had a blast and so did the boys while they played with all of the new fun toys at their Lovey and Big Poppa's house. Jared and I also both got two full nights of sleep...not sure that Lovey and Big Poppa knew what they were signing up for when they volunteered to watch the boys for the night, but I am definitely well rested and reengergized! The boys also went on their first boat ride of many to come since there was no one else on the water. They did great and fell asleep from the sound of the motor.

Here are some fun pictures from our weekend...

The dogs experiencing the paddleboard...

Coleman in the exersaucer/bouncer...

Carter in the exersaucer/bouncer...

Our first boat ride...

Meal time...

Hanging out with Uncle Daniel...

My Boys

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

We're trying hard...not quite yet but getting closer!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Twinkle Toes

When I was a little girl I used to love to hook my left foot onto things (my stroller, highchair, etc), and it looks like the boys are following my lead! Carter's new trick is to hook his left foot up on top of the bouncer and to talk to the animals...it's super cute to watch!

Deal Diva

My brother nicknamed me the "Deal Diva" because I love to find a good deal and am constantly on the hunt for the best deals when it comes to groceries, diapers (as you can imagine), and anything and everything. Yes, I am that crazy woman in the grocery store with a binder full of coupons too!
So of course it is no surprise that I LOVE to go to the consignment sales and find fun things for the boys. It is amazing what you can find for a fraction of the price and not to mention it's just fun to get out and about. You can also get some super deals on clothes at the consignment sales, but I really enjoy having the boys in matching or coordinating clothes so I typically only find toys at the sales. Well, this month and next month are the prime times for consignment sales so I was up and at 'em this morning as I went to my first consignment sale in Georgia. It was a small sale at a local church but they had some great things, so I bought some toys for us to play with now....

and some for later...

Carter and I enjoyed looking at all of the new fun things and reading a new story...

Tonight and tomorrow morning there are two consignment sales given by the local twins organizations here, so I can't wait to see what I may find for the boys there!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

We have had a good week this week! Our sleep habits have a little bit to be desired but a lot of that is contributed to the "four month sleep regression" which is where the boys are at with their adjusted age. Hopefully they will grow out of that soon and we will be back to sleeping through the night!

I decided to prolong the boys on the rice cereal because it seemed to be hurting their little tummies. With them being preemies it wasn't surprising for me to discover that their digestive systems just weren't quite ready yet, and to be honest I'm okay with holding out on solids for right now too....it's going to be a lot of work once I have to start making all that baby food! ;o)

I really am enjoying having mom be able to help me out with the boys. It had given me some much needed one on one time with each of my sweet babes that I rarely get. I used to have to get through our day as best I could with just me and when family or friends came to visit they of course wanted to spend time with both boys, so I was still unable to spend some quality one on one time and I am loving being able to do that now. I feel like such a better mama!! We have only been in Atlanta for two weeks now and I still feel like we are on vacation and are going to go back to North Carolina any day now. I'm sure it will eventually hit me!

We took the boys shopping the other day and here is a picture of when we started....

and when we finished...

As you can see those sweet boys shopped 'til they dropped! They LOVE being out of their car seat stroller though and into a regular one where they can see the world and all of the things going on around them. They are still too small for our jogging stroller but hopefully they'll be in it before long!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Funday

We had a lot of fun today! It started with some early morning snugs in bed....

...and then it was time for breakfast...sometimes we like to munch on our fingers as appetizers...okay, all the time we like to munch on our fingers...

...then we had our first playdate in Atlanta! My friend Jennifer and her sweet 4 month old twin boys came over to play :o)

We finished off our day with some fun in our bouncers...

What will tomorrow bring?

Weekend Fun

Jared is already enjoying being close to the sports teams here in Atlanta. Friday night he went with my brother to the Falcon's first football game of the season while my sister in law and I hung out with the boys and had some girl time. Saturday, one of my best friends for the past 20 years (!) came over to see the boys and show us her cute pregnant belly. The boys had a great time meeting Miss Ashley and can't wait for that baby girl to be here for many playdates!
Ashley with the boys and the sweet sea horses she brought them!

Saturday night Jared and I had a date night and went out for a yummy dinner and on Sunday Jared and I had our first of many house hunting trips with our realtor. It was a great experience, and we were able to narrow down what it is we are looking for in our new home as well as some areas in which we would like to live. It is so much fun to look at homes and to imagine the boys growing up in them, playing in the yard, etc. I am definitely a lot pickier this time around looking at homes than when it was just Jared and I. I just want these sweet boys to have plenty of room to play and grow and to be in a great school system of course. I know that the perfect house will come along soon!

The boys are doing great with their rice cereal...they are definitely enjoying the new food and are still working on figuring out the spoon but I am so proud of the big boys they are becoming!

Coleman with his Daddy

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chow Hounds

Okay, so I couldn't wait to start the boys on rice cereal to see how they would do! I did wait for their Daddy to come home from work so he could help take part in such a fun time. We even had them have their first few bites from my baby spoons...it is crazy to think that 30 years ago I was their size and doing the exact same thing!

They were a little unsure of the spoon for the first minute but then took to it like professionals! Coleman was especially into eating the cereal and would get fussy between spoonfuls...we couldn't seem to feed him fast enough...I guess we'll have to put our go go Gadget arms to good use in the near future. I'm so proud of these big boys!!


Just some cute pictures that I've taken this week....enjoy!

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

The boys and I have really been enjoying our time in Atlanta so far. It has been so wonderful to have my mom be able to help with the boys each day and to babysit so I can go for a run in the mornings. Yesterday I even took a short trip to the pool for some much needed sunshine and relaxation...of course there were some small kiddos there that made me miss the boys and think of how much fun we are going to have when they are old enough to play at the pool! The boys have grown into some of their "big boy toys and are loving all of the new exploring and adventures. Their new favorite thing is their exersaucers...they can't quite turn around in them yet, but they have figured out how to play with some of the toys that are attached. They are also loving their bumbos still and are having fun with the trays attached to them full of toys to put in their little mouths...have I mentioned that they LOVE to put their fingers, toys, bibs, blankets, and anything and everything in their mouths?! You can now find them hanging out in the bumbos while I am cooking or doing something that requires both hands...they love to watch me as I move around the room and the bumbos are a great portable seat that I can move around as needed.

5 Months Old!!

It's so hard for me to believe that our sweet baby boys are now five months old!! They have grown so much and are able to do a lot more independent things lately. They can stand and sit with support (and constantly want to stand) and talk like crazy, but their favorite thing to do is to put anything and EVERYTHING into their mouths. They are quite the droolers these days but our pediatrician said that it is developmental and not a sign of teething...so hopefully we have a little longer before that starts~!

Today the boys had their 5 month shot visit (since we are doing the alternative vaccination schedule they go every month) and Daddy (aka Jared) was busy at his new job, so our Nana came with us to help hold and give snuggles after their two shots. The boys did great though and we got the green light to begin rice cereal!! We are going to jump into that adventure sometime within the next few days, so I'll keep you posted on how it goes. :o) Aside from that, the boys had a great visit and were all smiles and extremely talkative...they're already such huge flirts around the ladies! I love it!!

Coleman and Mommy

Carter and Nana

Monday, August 9, 2010

Family Fun

Well, we are finally out of the house and in Georgia!! It was a CRAZY couple of weeks and we had some great help from family and friends. Last weekend we met my parents halfway to drop off the boys with them so that Jared and I could finish up the rest of the house...it was definitely hard to leave them but we were able to accomplish so much more without stopping to feed and play with those sweet boys! Here are some pictures from their car ride to meet Nana and Poppy...they really couldn't be any cuter!

This is our last family picture taken in front of the house. We have had so many memories made in this house and it definitely holds a place in our hearts...it has seen us through smiles, tears, and laughter over the past few years and it's hard to believe that we came here as a couple and are leaving as a family of four (and Nestle!). It is such an odd feeling to realize that the boys will have no memory of their first home and all of the things that have occurred over the past few weeks, but that's what pictures are for! God has definitely ordered our steps over the past few years and I can't wait to see what He has in store for us in Georgia! We are excited to find our next home that we will hopefully live in for years to come and watch the boys grow up in...what an exciting season of life this is!

We are really enjoying our time in Atlanta and having Nana and Poppy graciously opening up their home to us! I know that everyone has their own schedules and routines and it is so sweet of them to allow us to interrupt their daily comforts for a few months! The boys are loving all of the fun things to see and do in their temporary "home" and of course are loving all of the extra attention and are "talking" up a storm along with all of their sweet smiles. I need to upload some pictures that I've taken over the past few days but I'll focus more on that after I catch up on unpacking, etc.

We are still going ninety to nothing while we unpack, figure out what boxes things are in, and try to catch up on sleep but it's been a fun ride and I know it will all be a blur one day. I promise to update the blog when I find time!