Thursday, August 12, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun!!

The boys and I have really been enjoying our time in Atlanta so far. It has been so wonderful to have my mom be able to help with the boys each day and to babysit so I can go for a run in the mornings. Yesterday I even took a short trip to the pool for some much needed sunshine and relaxation...of course there were some small kiddos there that made me miss the boys and think of how much fun we are going to have when they are old enough to play at the pool! The boys have grown into some of their "big boy toys and are loving all of the new exploring and adventures. Their new favorite thing is their exersaucers...they can't quite turn around in them yet, but they have figured out how to play with some of the toys that are attached. They are also loving their bumbos still and are having fun with the trays attached to them full of toys to put in their little mouths...have I mentioned that they LOVE to put their fingers, toys, bibs, blankets, and anything and everything in their mouths?! You can now find them hanging out in the bumbos while I am cooking or doing something that requires both hands...they love to watch me as I move around the room and the bumbos are a great portable seat that I can move around as needed.

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Anna said...

I LOVE that you have them on the kitchen counter! They look so big in their exesaucers!