Thursday, August 19, 2010

We have had a good week this week! Our sleep habits have a little bit to be desired but a lot of that is contributed to the "four month sleep regression" which is where the boys are at with their adjusted age. Hopefully they will grow out of that soon and we will be back to sleeping through the night!

I decided to prolong the boys on the rice cereal because it seemed to be hurting their little tummies. With them being preemies it wasn't surprising for me to discover that their digestive systems just weren't quite ready yet, and to be honest I'm okay with holding out on solids for right now's going to be a lot of work once I have to start making all that baby food! ;o)

I really am enjoying having mom be able to help me out with the boys. It had given me some much needed one on one time with each of my sweet babes that I rarely get. I used to have to get through our day as best I could with just me and when family or friends came to visit they of course wanted to spend time with both boys, so I was still unable to spend some quality one on one time and I am loving being able to do that now. I feel like such a better mama!! We have only been in Atlanta for two weeks now and I still feel like we are on vacation and are going to go back to North Carolina any day now. I'm sure it will eventually hit me!

We took the boys shopping the other day and here is a picture of when we started....

and when we finished...

As you can see those sweet boys shopped 'til they dropped! They LOVE being out of their car seat stroller though and into a regular one where they can see the world and all of the things going on around them. They are still too small for our jogging stroller but hopefully they'll be in it before long!

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