Saturday, February 27, 2010

Maternity Pics

Here are some of the great maternity pictures that Kara took a few weeks ago. She is such a talented photographer and awesome friend!!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Sometimes I like to be crafty...

Last Spring we went to visit some friends of ours that just had a baby girl. On their hospital door was a diaper wreath that her sister had made with the baby's new monogram. It was adorable and I tucked it away in my cobweb of ideas in my brain to make for friends and for ourselves one day. I was able to make one a few weeks ago for my friend Kelley's baby girl and decided that while I am tracked out it would be a good time for me to make one for our own baby boys. The hardest part of our diaper wreath was finding the amperstand wooden letter. I had decided to do "C & C" for the wreath instead of a monogram for both boys. Luckily I was able to find a lady online who would customize the letters for you and she had a quick turn around processing time. They came in last week and my sweet husband painted them for me on Valentine's day. Here is the final product that will be hanging on our hospital door in less than two months!

Continued Blessings

Jared's parents came to visit this past weekend and helped us out a TON with finalizing and getting things ready for the boys. Jared and his dad worked hard on finalizing last minute details in the nursery (hanging up the curtains, video monitor, and securing the bookcase to the wall) while Jared's mom worked on cleaning and cooking meals for us so Jared doesn't have to worry about being Betty Crocker each night. They also helped us by upgrading us to a much larger SUV to help make our lives much easier with the boys and we sent them back to Alabama with my small two door SUV. Jared and his dad also installed the bases for the car seats in the car, which was definitely a "nesting" thing that I wanted completed just in case these boys decided to come early. Yesterday we practiced taking the car seats in and out of the car and it was a lot easier than I thought it would be. I can't wait until there are two sweet boys sitting in them!! We can't thank Jared's parents enough for all of their help and getting everything ready for Coleman and Carter!

Our Friend, Braxton Hicks

So far the pregnancy has been going great, aside from the shortening cervix, and I haven't had any problems at all. On Tuesday we went to see our specialist for our routine ultrasound and all was great! The boys are measuring just under three pounds each and were moving and grooving the entire time. I mentioned to our specialist that I feel a lot of tightening under my right rib and thought that it was always one of the boys butts or heads. Our specialist told me to make sure that the rest of my uterus wasn't also feeling tight to ensure that it wasn't a contraction. He said that any more than 3-4 Braxton Hicks per hour is something worth talking to our obgyn about. Well, Wednesday was my last day of school and I felt the contractions a LOT but I was so busy that I didn't monitor how long and far about they were. On Thursday I had my three hour glucouse test and continued to feel the uncomfortable tightening, so I decided to start noticing how far apart they were. They were measuring anywhere from a minute and a half apart to six minutes, so they were obviously way over the 3-4 per hour that were considered normal. I called my obgyn who had me stop by the office before sending me over to labor and delivery at our hospital. They overloaded me with fluids to see if that would stop the contractions and when it didn't they gave me a shot of terbutaline to help stop them. The good news is the boys looked great throughout the four hours I was hooked up to monitors with them! Their heartbeats were both super strong and around the same bpm, and they were moving around like CRAZY. Hopefully the shot will help to keep the Braxton Hicks away and keep us out of the hospital (at least for 7 more weeks!).

Maternity Pictures

Last weekend my friend and amazing photographer, Kara, volunteered to take some maternity pictures of the belly and of Jared and I. She did an awesome job and they turned out great!! Here is a sneak preview of one of the pictures while we are waiting on the edited versions of the others. I'll make sure to post them next week when I receive the disk.