Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Santa at the boys preschool

The boys had a Christmas party at their preschool last week and their teacher mentioned that Santa would be making an appearance...Coleman and Carter love Santa, provided he is at LEAST 5 feet away, so I was wondering how it would go. And yet, these boys surprised me again! Their teacher posted these pictures on their class looks to me like Santa was a hit!
Here is a class picture...check out Carter in the middle. Silly boy!

Merry Christmas!

This Christmas was SO much fun! The boys actually understood pretty well who Santa was and were all about leaving him some milk and cookies! They were actually VERY concerned that Santa needed some more milk the next morning and wanted to know where he went. Too cute! Leaving milk and cookies for Santa:
Reading The Night Before Christmas:
Daddy playing and tuning the boys guitars:
Santa left the boys letters:
Santa brought Coleman and Carter a LOT of fun toys, but I think their favorite was their guitars...they LOVE LOVE LOVE playing their guitars and singing Frosty the Snowman and The Wheels on the Bus.
We had a relaxing Christmas day and the boys watched their favorite movie...The Polar Express. They call it the "black train" movie and I'm pretty sure it will stay on at our house well after the holidays have come and gone!
I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chuck e Cheese

Our church is right by a Chuck e Cheese, so we often times find ourselves there after church to give the munchkins some more time to play and have fun before heading home. It's great because there is hardly anyone there and normally the boys are too small to really play the games, so we spend all of a dollar for a fun time. Well, they have added a ton of new toddler games since we have been and the boys now know what money is and how to ask for it...looks like we are entering the phase of the Chuck e Cheese money pit, but the boys had so much fun today and I can't wait to take them back again!

The goats

It sounds odd, but there are goats within walking distance of our neighborhood and the boys have SO much fun feeding them. It seems that one of them is always pregnant, and Coleman has decided that he is ONLY going to feed the "Momma goat". If any of the other goats come near him he tells them, "no, goat! Coleman feeds the Momma". The goats eat pretty much anything and everything we bring them, and the boys manage to munch on some of the food that's for the goats, too....especially if it's crackers or cookies!

Sharks and Fishies

This Saturday we didn't have any plans and decided to have a family day, so we we headed to the Georgia Aquarium. The boys LOVE going to the aquarium and are becoming amazingly aware of what kinds of fish there are! Their favorites are the stingrays and the jellyfish...pretty sure they wouldn't be their favorites if they ever came face to face with one in the ocean, but they sure are neat to watch on the other side of the glass.
After our visit to the aquarium, we took them to one of their other favorite spots (and mine, too!), the Varsity.

Early Christmas Celebration

Jared's parents are going to be visiting his sister this Christmas, so we celebrated it a little early last weekend. The boys had SO much fun making cookies...and adding an entire bottle of sprinkles to their cookies. They also loved their harmonicas and have loved playing with their tee ball and golf sets. Thank you, Lovey and Big Poppa!

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Santa Claus!

We took Coleman and Carter to see Santa a few weeks ago, and they were ALL about "writing" him their wish list, waving hello, and saying "ho, ho, ho". However, things didn't go so smoothly when they sat on Santa's lap...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Gingerbread houses

Ever since I was a little girl our family would build gingerbread houses and make a gingerbread village. We've kept this tradition with all of the munchkins and this year the boys REALLY got into it. Coleman wouldn't let me eat any candy and wouldn't eat any himself until he was completely done...except for a candy cane. Carter on the other hand did a lot of "sampling" as he went along. :o)

Silly Boys

Little Helpers

Coleman and Carter LOVE to help. They love to help cook, sweep, dust, anything you can possibly think of. Their favorite thing to do is stir...which is good, since they also love pancakes, so they get a lot of practice!

Uncle Daniel

Jared's brother, Daniel, is in grad school in California and was able to come and visit for a little bit after Thanksgiving. The boys loved seeing and playing (and maybe climbing all over) Uncle Daniel! Sorry that it is so blurry, but these two wouldn't stay still for a picture!