Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Santa Baby Take 2!

Kara was so sweet to take our Santa pictures and we attempted it a second time the next morning to see if we could get some better smiles...I think so! I sure to love these two little Santa babes :o)

Time Flies

Okay, time seriously does fly when you are having fun! We have been BUSY bees over the past week and the boys have been to Alabama, North Carolina, and Virginia! Whew...it makes me tired just thinking of all we have done but it was a blast! We were able to visit with so many friends and family and we were sad to not be able to stay longer and see more. Here are some pictures from our adventures!

Here are some pictures of us with our sweet Great Grandpa:

And our "Irish twin (born in the same year) uncles, Johnny and Larry:

Aunt Sandy:

Our Family:

Miss Kara and the ADORABLE shirts she got us:

Sleeping, eating, and playing on turkey day:

My boys and I:

These are just a few of so many wonderful friends and pictures that we took...I wish I had taken more but I got caught up visiting and catching up. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Santa Baby

We have had so much fun visiting with friends in North Carolina, and today one of my super talented best friends, Kara, offered to take pictures of the boys. As if it weren't enough that we had invaded her kid free house for the week with our exersaucers, jumperoos, and bottles galore! The boys cooperated for the most part but they really wanted to eat the "snow" that we were using as a a prop. Here are a few pictures from our session. LOVE them all so much, Kara!! You are blessed with such an amazing talent and we are blessed to have you as a friend!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Turkey Day!!

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you all had a great day filled with fun, food, and family! We traveled up Virginia to be with my Mom's side of the family and spend time with our extended family that we rarely get to see. It was such a special time for me as a mom to introduce the boys to their relatives and to my SWEET, SWEET, SWEET grandpa. I took lots of pictures (but of course forgot my camera cord), so here is one of my cute lil' turkeys that was taken at the hotel this morning. I promise I'll post some pictures when we get back!

Thanksgiving really makes you stop and reflect to think of all that you are thankful for and my list is overflowing from this past year full of blessings. I feel like SO much has transpired in just 365 days and it just warms my heart to think of the memories and experiences that I will be reflecting on next year that we have yet to make!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Silly Boys

The boys absolutely LOVE Nestle and are all giggles any time that she is around. The other night we persuaded Nestle to give the boys a little performance with the help of some dog treats...you can't help but smile when you hear these sweet giggles!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Music Class

Tuesday was our last day of music class and we were so sad to have it come to an end! Since it was the last class our instructor extended the invitations to have the Daddy's come and join us, so of course we were SO excited to have our Daddy come and join in the fun!

Chocolate Lovers Already

My mom is a chocoholic and it's no surprise that she found the biggest box of chocolates I have ever seen at the store! We had a lot of fun letting the box play with the box...don't worry...they're not ready to eat any chocolate just yet!

Swingin' Away

This past weekend we went to the lake to visit with Jared's family. We had a great time seeing everyone and enjoying the beautiful weather at the lake! Jared LOVES a project and I think he was just as excited to help his Dad install the swings for the boys as the boys were swinging in them. Here is a video...I'll let you decide if you think they liked the swings... ;o)

Our New Favorite Thing

We are truly blessed to have such sweet and easy going babies and we are even more fortunate that the boys are easy going in the car even for long car rides (as long as they have had a good morning nap!). Their new favorite thing to do to pass the time is to pull their carseat shade down...over and over again.

Here it goes:

Hanging Out

The boys are constantly looking at or for each other and laughing or talking. I finally caught one of these sweet moments on camera during their breakfast one morning...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy 8 Month Birthday!!!

Our baby boys are 8 months old today! They are growing by leaps and bounds! Here are a few of our big boy stats:

~Coleman has 2 bottom teeth in and Carter's are breaking the surface
~ We are wearing size 9-12 month clothing (!) big change from our preemie days!
~ We are in size 3 diapers
~ The boys are eating protein filled foods and combination foods in the Stage 2 organic jars
~ They had their first "puff" which is a glorified cheerio that dissolves easily and did okay with it
~ Coleman is becoming quite the talker and says "dadadada" ALL the time (which of course Jared thinks is all about him!)
~ The boys are "talking" and smiling at each other and really play together now
~ They both are sitting up like champions and are definitely getting ready to crawl!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Brotherly Love

These pictures just make me smile!

Santa Claus is Comin' to Town...

Okay, so I can definitely be a little OCD sometimes (all the time, really), and when I found out that Santa was taking reservations at Phipps Plaza I jumped on it! He was completely booked within 48 hours last year and I dreaded the thought of having to wait in a huge line at the mall with two little munchkins so this sounded right up our alley. Of course I scheduled our appointment for the very first day that Santa was at Phipps and for the very first time slot (I told you I was OCD). The boys did GREAT and looked adorable in cute new outfits that their Lovey had mailed them! I think I was more excited to see Santa than the boys were but what a fun memory it was and it made my heart smile as a mommy to see our two sweet babies sitting in Santa's lap and thinking of all of the fun filled Christmases that have yet to come!

Waiting in line to see Santa...

Yay! Our first picture with Santa Claus! Don't we look excited?!

Santa telling us what good boys we are :o)

Carter really wanted to hear everything that Santa had to say...

Fun pictures after seeing Santa...

We spent the rest of the day just hanging out and having fun in the freezing weather! Even though Christmas is almost two months away seeing Santa today has definitely got me in the Christmas spirit!