Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Friend, Braxton Hicks

So far the pregnancy has been going great, aside from the shortening cervix, and I haven't had any problems at all. On Tuesday we went to see our specialist for our routine ultrasound and all was great! The boys are measuring just under three pounds each and were moving and grooving the entire time. I mentioned to our specialist that I feel a lot of tightening under my right rib and thought that it was always one of the boys butts or heads. Our specialist told me to make sure that the rest of my uterus wasn't also feeling tight to ensure that it wasn't a contraction. He said that any more than 3-4 Braxton Hicks per hour is something worth talking to our obgyn about. Well, Wednesday was my last day of school and I felt the contractions a LOT but I was so busy that I didn't monitor how long and far about they were. On Thursday I had my three hour glucouse test and continued to feel the uncomfortable tightening, so I decided to start noticing how far apart they were. They were measuring anywhere from a minute and a half apart to six minutes, so they were obviously way over the 3-4 per hour that were considered normal. I called my obgyn who had me stop by the office before sending me over to labor and delivery at our hospital. They overloaded me with fluids to see if that would stop the contractions and when it didn't they gave me a shot of terbutaline to help stop them. The good news is the boys looked great throughout the four hours I was hooked up to monitors with them! Their heartbeats were both super strong and around the same bpm, and they were moving around like CRAZY. Hopefully the shot will help to keep the Braxton Hicks away and keep us out of the hospital (at least for 7 more weeks!).

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