Thursday, March 25, 2010

Two Weeks Old!

Our sweet baby boys are two weeks old today and it's amazing to think of how far they have come in the past two weeks...from isolettes to suntanning for jaundice to their big boy crib and now to the family room. It's hard to imagine that they would still be inside of me for another two weeks if they were carried to term. We are so incredibly blessed to have such happy, healthy, and beautiful baby boys! I love them so much now that I can't imagine having to wait another two weeks to have fallen in love with them.

The family room is a really tiny room (smaller than a dorm room) that consists of a couch that turns into a bed, a sink, a tv, and cribs for the boys. Jared and I have been able to enjoy the family room since yesterday morning. It's basically like playing "house" as we are responsible for the boys and our nurse comes in every 4 hours to take their vital signs. We are allowed to wheel them back to the nursery if we need a break, but I can't imagine taking a break from these little guys! It looks like they will hopefully be able to go home tomorrow if they are able to continue eating well and maintaining their body weight, so say a little prayer that they will be able to do so! Jared and I CANNOT wait to get them home and have our new family all under one roof together (and not a roof that belongs to Wakemed)!

The boys have been feeding really well, and I have decided to forgo the breastfeeding. Trying to breastfeed two babies, one at a time, and then pump was just doing me in. I'm still pumping, so the boys are receiving breast milk, however we are now giving them bottles with the milk. It has been SO much easier for us and Jared and I are able to feed both boys at once, which cuts down on the time tremendously.

I took this picture this morning after their feeding. Jared decided to give the boys some skin to skin time while I pumped. I think all three of them loved snuggling together and just being close to each other. I sure do love my boys!

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