Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lions, and Tigers, and Sickness...Oh My!!

I had plans to go to the zoo with some girlfriends and their little ones on Thursday and Thursday morning Coleman got sick in his highchair. I attributed it to overeating and thought he would be okay after a nap. Off to the zoo we went and it wasn't long before I was holding him as he fell asleep on my shoulder and pushed Carter through the zoo...I'm sure it was a sight to see! We had a great time with the girls, but I was happy to get my little guy home and out of the sun and crowds. He continued to get sick in the evening and was on water and pedialyte only as I hoped it would get out of his system soon. Friday morning he came around and was feeling better and by Saturday he was good to go! But Saturday morning both Carter and I got sick and while I bounced back by that afternoon, Carter ran a fever and was pretty mopey and run down until Monday morning. It was a long few days for us and the boys both just wanted their Mommy and for me to hold them...I didn't mind that part too much but am glad everyone is feeling better!! Thankfully, I think we are all done with the sickness bug and glad that Jared didn't get it!

Here's the girls with our munchkins:

My pitiful Coleman:

Pitiful Carter:

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