Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two by Two....C and C are TWO!!!

Seriously starting to wonder where my little babies have gone!! Coleman and Carter turned 2 on March 11th and we had a Noah's Ark themed party. I know, it is beyond cheesy but I love a good theme :o) We were SO blessed to have our family and great friends celebrate their day with us and had fabulous weather also. The boys had a great time and loved opening their gifts and saying "Wow, coooool". See what I mean? Where did those little 5lb munchkins go? Actually, I'll have to say that this age so far is probably my favorite. The boys L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E, L-O-V-E each other and seemed to be attached at the hip. They have their own little language and are becoming more and more verbal with language you and I can actually understand with each day.

On their actual birthday, the day after their party, we took the boys to the zoo and to the varsity to celebrate. I'm not sure if we were more excited about those things or if they were, but we all had a great time! Our friends, Matt and Kelley and their little girl, Lily, joined in the celebration and came all the way from them!

Here's a small recap on each one of our sweet little guys now that they are 2:

Loves trains (choo choos), cars, dancing to music, putting anything and everything in order (he's like his Daddy), organizing things by colors, saying bye bye, goldfish, the color blue...although he's able to name all of the colors he gets especially excited about blue, ladies man...Coleman loves holding little girls hands and walking with them, Milk...can't get enough, WATER...he loves his water table and splashing in puddles, and his cozy coupe car.


Loves taking Coleman's trains...ha!, climbing anything and everything, high 5's, the color yellow (ello), coloring or writing with a pen...loves pens and art, stickers, stacking canned goods, putting on shoes, trying to put on his own clothes, peanuts, goldfish, playing in his cozy coupe car, blowing off the driveway with his toy blower, washing his hands, milk, milk, milk (we should invest in a cow for this one), telling you the sounds different animals make (owl, cow, duck, pig, bird, cat, lion), brushing his teeth, having books read to him, smiling, and snuggling with his Mommy.