Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Okay, so maybe just a few words about my little buddies :o)

Coleman and Carter are both starting to be able to walk independently a few steps at a time. They will walk around an entire room holding just one of your hands...I think their fear will go within the next few weeks and they will be RUNNING around our house before we know it!

They are completely off of their bottles and are only drinking from their sippy cups...they drink a half a gallon of organic whole milk a day!

They LOVE, LOVE, LOVE each other and will often times wake up in the morning or from naps laughing and playing with one another through their cribs. Makes a Mommy's heart smile!

They are ALL boy. Did I say ALL? Because every.ounce.of.them has a desire to climb, discover, and get into anything and everything that they can. I can see the emergency room visits in our future already...

Sweet tooth...they definitely both have one! They don't seem to complain when the baker at Publix offers them a cookie, or we have a granola bar with chocolate in it for our snack (see Carter's chocolate goatee below). It's not an every day occurrence, but they make my life sweeter so I don't mind giving them a little sugar every now and then :o)

Smiles and laughter. This is one of life's greatest gifts and we are so incredibly blessed to have both of these in abundance with these two sweet little guys. I am head over heels in love with our family and can't wait for all of the fun memories to come!

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