Monday, August 22, 2011

Such Big Boys!

Coleman and Carter bring more smiles to my face each day than I could possibly count. They are simply the cutest things ever in my eyes and are becoming very independent lately. They can have their "moments" when they aren't happy and are at wits end (and usually so is Mommy), but for the most part they are just so content and sweet that I could eat them up!

Here are a few things the boys are doing lately:
~ Our highchairs are a hit or miss...they LOVE sitting at their big boy table but their attention spans are not the longest so it is difficult to get them to eat a whole meal there. This is a daily battle.
~ Talking. Some of the words the boys can say are:
Esee (Nestle)
Ish (Fish...for snack)
Ight (Light)
Bye Bye (complete with a blown kiss...such charmers)
I (Hi)
Yeah (this is used a lot on their toy phone...maybe I need to work on modeling different words...ha!)
Mommmm (Mama)
At (That)

I know there are a few more but this is what's on the top of my mind...and Yes, they definitely have their own "twin talk" language and will jabber on to each other making zero sense but the other one seems to get it!

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