Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cookie Lovin' Boy!

Recently the boys have become VERY independent. They no longer want to hold my hand when walking, don't want to ride in their stroller, sit in their high chair, and are a hit or miss when it comes to riding in a shopping cart. So, as you can imagine grocery shopping can be an adventure when they both want out of the cart and to be held or walk, etc. I've tried putting them in separate shopping carts, the same shopping cart, holding one while the other rides, etc. By the end we usually have just a few things in our cart and one sweaty Mama!

In a desperate attempt yesterday to get our necessities I tried an all new tactic and found a cart that has the car in the front. This allowed me to put Carter in the front of the cart and be occupied with the steering wheel (without biting his brother) and put Coleman in the front of the cart with me. I also got them a kid cookie to split and they were AWESOME! Seriously the first time in weeks that I could take my time at the grocery store, look through my coupons (Love some couponing) and get everything on our list....but we did wind up a little bit messy afterwards...oh well, it was worth the chocolate mess!

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