Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action!

It has been a fun filled week for Coleman and Carter! Last Thursday, they had an audition to be in a commercial for Mississippi Hospital representing a 1 year old boy as the same boy grows throughout the commercial. Unfortunately, I think our hair color was not what they were looking for but it was a fun experience nonetheless.

That same afternoon I got a call that another casting agency would like to have Coleman and Carter come to the set of the new movie being filmed, The Three Stooges that is being produced by the Farrelly brothers here in Atlanta. I thought it was another audition type thing until Monday night when I got the email with the directions, etc. that said their actual character, "Baby Moe". They had three sets of twins, each one played a different character (Larry, Curly, and Moe).

So, Tuesday morning my mom and I scurried to gather all of the boys gear and headed down to the set of the movie. It was SUCH a fun, awesome, amazing experience to see all of the behind the scenes action, and everyone was SO incredibly nice and loved on our two little guys. We did take some pictures on set, but were then told that it was not allowed, not to post on facebook, email out, etc. Sooo, you'll have to wait to see all of those, or I can sneak you a peek on my camera :o)

Coleman and Carter arriving to "work"

Some of the casting trailers...there were lots

The makeup chair for the boys...this was in a trailer of nothing but salon style chairs and mirrors.

Carter and I waiting to get his brows darkened...he laughed the entire time they did it.

Mom and Coleman waiting for his turn...Mom and Coleman got to sit next to Jennifer Hudson while Coleman was being worked neat!

Carter's final product...I now know what the boys would look like if they had Jared's color hair!

Heading to the set...

The casting director asked me to choose between the boys as to who could basically sit still and have others hold him. I texted Jared to help me make the decision, and we both decided that Coleman would probably be the more patient of the two...

...but then he had a meltdown when they were trimming his Moe wig and the director called for a swap, so Carter is actually in the final cut!

This is as far as I can take'll have to wait for the movie to see our "Little Moe"!

End Scene :o) if this day wasn't exciting enough, as soon as we got home and put the boys down I got a call from ANOTHER casting agency wanting me to bring the boys to meet their casting director that afternoon for another movie being filmed here in Atlanta! So, off we went and it looks like we are meeting with the producer and director tomorrow to see if we fit their needs...keep your fingers crossed!

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