Friday, July 29, 2011

Behind the Scenes

The boys have had a BUSY week! On top of our normal play dates and errands they have had to meet with the baby trainer for the movie. She doesn't really "train" them on anything since they are so little, but it's more so just getting them used to and comfortable with her since she is kind of the peace maker should one of them break down on set. The sessions usually involve her just playing with the boys or having the boys interact with the other kiddos that are in their scenes also. The boys don't seem to mind but it sure does mess with our schedule, especially since they don't tell us when or where to meet until the night before. For those of you who know me you know that I am a schedule oriented person, so this is pretty much driving me bonkers but I'll deal with it for such a fun experience!

I have definitely learned a lot over the past few weeks with these two movies...especially this one since the boys play a more major role. They are even painting dolls the exact same height and measurements as the boys to use as their "doubles" in case they need a far away shot or both break down when filming from a far distance. I guess I can say I have quads for a week or so...ha!

Yesterday after our meeting with the baby trainer my mom and I took the boys on their first trip to the Varsity! They LOVED it and we decided that they are now officially Georgians since they had a naked dog and an fro' orange :o)

After such a fun and busy morning (in which Coleman refused to nap in the car) we headed home for a nap, but my little friend Carter bug was up in 45 minutes so he had some Mommy time while we let Coleman catch up on his sleep...good thing they can't talk and Coleman never knew he missed out on pool time and a popsicle!

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