Sunday, July 24, 2011

Movie Fun!

Okay, so we aren't really movie stars but we sure have had a fun and BUSY week and a half!! The day that we filmed for the Three Stooges movie I received a call to come and meet the casting director for the new movie, What to Expect When You're Expecting, that same afternoon so that he could see the boys. I guess that he liked what he saw because he asked us to come back Thursday to meet the producer and directors. On Thursday I realized that it was the "final cut" for the movie as they had gone through nearly 4500 babies!! The boys did great even after having to wait a few hours and I still did not want to get my hopes up since it literally fell into our laps. Sunday afternoon we received the call that the boys had made it! They were chosen to play Rob Huebel's son in the movie!
On Thursday we had to go and meet with the baby trainer for the movie, who really just played with the boys to see what made them happy, etc. Friday we were able to go and meet Rob Huebel and a few of the other cast members including Chris Rock. Of course, things in our world often times seem to have a little bit more excitement and Friday proved to be no different. While waiting to meet Rob, Carter began to gag on goldfish and as I saw that he was going to throw up my instant mommy instinct was to turn his mouth towards me...and take all of it. It didn't end there though, and Carter had thrown up all over me, himself, and the floor! Thankfully we had a spare outfit for him in our diaper bag, and well...I was just stinky but it wasn't about me so while I felt gross I didn't mind.
The actors were all very nice and they had some "bonding time" with the boys. I snuck some cute pictures, but once again I can't publish them anywhere on the web. As if our day wasn't exciting enough, Carter also managed to gag himself on the way home and throw up all over himself (again) and the car seat. Let's just say that Mommy and Daddy were ready for naptime when we finally made it home!

Getting a snooze in on our way:

Here are the munchkins waiting to meet their actor:

Proud Momma:

Rob Huebel:

Link to the movie:

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