Sunday, September 20, 2009

Two Buns in the Oven!!

Well, it's official! Jared and I found out on August 10th that we were pregnant. We were so excited and overjoyed!! Our friends, Kara and Monte, took some Baby announcement pictures for us to tell friends and family in a fun way.
When we went to the doctor on September 14th for our 9 week ultrasound and first prenatal visit we got a bigger surprise than we were expecting. There are two babies in the oven, not just one! We were definitely in shock at first, but we are getting more excited as we prepare for our two newest family members. We will find out in October if they are fraternal or identical, and then in November we will find out what the sexes will be. We have truly been blessed in many ways this year!!


Chris, Crystal, and Weston said...

Super excited for you guys!!!

Can't wait to find out if it's two boys, two girls, or one of each...exciting times!!!

Anna said...

I can't stop thinking about those sweet babies and what joy they are going to bring you guys!