Monday, November 23, 2009

The Belly

That belly is definitely growing, which is a great thing since the boys are growing in there too! It is kind of an awkward feeling though to not be able to fit into clothes, sleep how you would normally sleep, and use the bathroom a zillion times a day. It is true what they say though, the second trimester is wonderful compared to the first!! I have not had any morning sickness this trimester and eventhough I still enjoy my daily naps and early bedtimes I feel like I have a lot more energy than I did in the first trimester. I am about 19 weeks now, which means that we are halfway there (I am due to deliver at 38 weeks instead of 40)!! It is kind of crazy to think that our family of two and a half (Nestle) is about to become a family of four and half in just a few months. It's going to be a crazy ride but what a blessing it truly is. This is a picture from when I was 16 weeks and that belly has grown a lot since then. I'll update some more current pictures on here soon!

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TBG said...

Janet---I am a friend of Anna's from camp and have known her hubby Ryan since I was in elementary school. My aunt happened upon your blog thru Anna's and told me about it b/c she knew I'd be interested and said our blogs sounded a lot alike b/c I'm also having twins (15.5 weeks) this spring! We haven't found out the sexes yet, but are so excited to soon! I'm looking forward to catching up on your blog and reading about your experience! It's so nice to "know" someone going through a similar experience! (Hope you didnt think this was creepy haha... )