Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Carter and Coleman's First Christmas

We had such a great time celebrating Christmas and Jesus' birth with both sides of our family and of course with our little munchkins!!!

Christmas Eve we headed to my cousin's house where we had great food and a fun time (As always!) enjoying each others company and catching up (and of course I forgot my camera in the mad dash to get out of the door!). Christmas morning we spent at my parents house since we still had not moved into our new house and then packed up and headed off to the lake to have Christmas with Jared's family. It was definitely a busy few days but it was so much fun to be with everyone and to watch our sweet little guys enjoy their first Christmas. They will never remember this Christmas and how special it was, but I will never forget it!

Getting excited about our presents from Uncle Dave and Aunt Mercy:

Opening presents at Nana and Poppy's on Christmas morning:

Carter worn out from all of the excitement:

Into our Christmas outfits and ready for some more pictures:

Opening presents at the lake:

Play time:

The day after Christmas we had snow at the lake I wish I would have brought the boys snow suits, but who thinks it is going to snow in south Alabama?! It didn't last long but it was beautiful to watch:

We have become quite independent now that we can pull up on things...Carter helping Daddy empty the dishwasher:

These boys are definitely loved!:

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