Monday, January 23, 2012

North Carolina

Jared had some meetings in North Carolina and we hadn't been back with the boys in almost a year, so we loaded up the family and made the trek up to see old friends. We stayed with our former neighbors, which was so odd to see our old house and neighborhood and realize that it was no longer where we lived. So many memories and fun times as we lived there as a couple and then as a family. Our trip was short but we enjoyed the little bit of time that we got to spend with everyone!

We stopped at Chuckee Cheese to play and stretch our legs

Coleman and Carter are going to fight over this sweet girl one day!!!

Playing with Lily's toys...

Monkey Joes!

Playing at the Duke gardens

My boys

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Caroline D'Huyvetter Carr said...

such cuties!!! love love love the matching overalls. I just bought Waylon a pair like that - "train engineer style" as his Daddy calls them. We need a pic of all three in them!