Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day!!

I am beyond blessed to have such a sweet Daddy and husband in my life and I hope that all the other Daddies out there had a great Father's Day today!! I am not good at keeping secrets, well I take that back. I'm good at keeping secrets if they are from someone else, but when it's something that's directly related to me and I'm excited about it, it's almost downright impossible. So, of course keeping this Father's day present from Jared was seriously eating away at me!! Jared LOVES the Atlanta Braves and the boys have never been to a game, so I figured there was nothing better than taking the boys to their first game on Father's Day :o) To prepare my little surprise I took the boys hand prints, not once but twice (if you do this don't use an inkpad...just go straight to using acrylic paint!), and put them each on a baseball. Sadly, Coleman and Carter are beyond used to putting their hand prints on things...guess that's the teacher in me with all their projects! And on the ball I wrote, "My first baseball game with my Daddy" and the date, etc. The boys wore their Braves hats and delivered their balls to Jared. I was just as excited about the game as I was that I kept the secret for so long! Here is a picture of the balls: After church we loaded up and headed to the Varsity for lunch...the boys love hotdogs, onion rings, and frosted oranges so of course they love eating here: Then it was off to the game: Jared squated to be closer to the boys, so of course they had to squat too! Love it! In the 5th inning we headed up to the kids area for the boys to run the bases: AND...they were on TV!!!! While Jared and the boys were waiting in line the camera man asked them to wait so he could get a shot of them for the game being broadcasted on television...of course we didn't set our DVR but it's still fun to know those three cute guys were on there :o) We had SUCH fun time at the game and now have two snoozin' boys...and a Momma and Daddy that aren't far behind.

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Kara said...

Love it! Y'all are just too adorable :)