Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday Fun-day

I am a summer girl at heart, but there is something about the Fall weather that is relaxing and makes you want to be outside (without sweating as soon as you walk out the door). Yesterday we started our day at the Home Depot kids craft morning where the boys built a firetruck....they L-O-V-E-D hammering and building their very own much so that they didn't even want to bounce in the bounce house afterwards if it meant they couldn't play with their trucks.
After the Home Depot fun day we met up with some friends and headed to a local church for a Fall festival. They had a small train that rode around the parking lot, so of course we HAD to ride it...they also fished for prizes, listened to Mother Goose tell a story, and bounced on the bounce house.
Then we headed off to Pike nurseries for some new flowers...and of course we had some help from the munchkins.
All in all, it was a pretty fun day and a great way to start the Fall!

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