Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Noon Year!!

There is a cute play place near us that hosts a "Happy Noon Year" party every year for small friends that can't quite make it until midnight...Coleman and Carter can't stay awake until 8:30pm, so I can only imagine trying to keep them up four hours past their bedtime! Anyways, they had noisemakers, horns, an apple juice toast at noon, jello shots, and snacks. The boys had SO much fun and wore their headbands and blew their horns until...well, they still are wanting to blow their horns (they call them their trumpets). Here are some pictures from our fun time:
That evening we let the boys have some sparklers...they LOVED them, and don't worry...they had a whole discussion about how to hold them out and not be near one another, etc. and they did GREAT!
After all of the excitement the boys went to bed and Mommy and Daddy had some friends over for some fun! 2012 has been an interesting year full of ups and downs, and I can't wait to see what 2013 has in store!

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Anna said...

What a cute idea! Maybe I'll start hosting Happy Noon Year parties! We (our entire family) didn't make it up past 9:30!!!