Friday, May 10, 2013

Disney Trip...Day 2

Coleman and Carter were up by 6am (this never happens). "The sun is up, Mommy!! It's time to go to Mickey's house!!" I think they were just a l-i-t-t-l-e excited...and so was I. ;o) There are opening ceremonies everyday at Magic Kingdom that begin at 8:45am, and we were determined to be there for them, and we were! It was SO much fun to watch C and C's faces at Mickey and his friends came in on the train to open the gates to the Magic Kingdom. Everything about the Magic Kingdom is truly magical. We totally lucked out with our timing because it was not crowded AT ALL. I think it was probably because school is almost over, and parents aren't going to pull their kiddos out these last few weeks with all the testing, parties, etc. Worked out great for us, though!!! Since there were no lines for anything, we were able to see and do anything and everything that was on our list. I was nervous how the boys would respond to the characters since they aren't big fans of the Easter Bunny and Santa, but they LOVED them and would run and give each of them HUGE hugs. Here are some pictures of the boys with their favorite characters... We were also lucky to get front row seats to the parade, and a lot of the characters came up to the boys to give them hugs and high 5's. We also rode TONS of rides...and C and C even rode their first roller coaster! They were barely tall enough for the height requirement and LOVED it...Carter kept asking to go ride it again...dare devils! They absolutely hated the 3D much so that we left 10 seconds into it. And the Pirates of the Caribbean ride was a little scary for them also because we were in the front of the boat and it is so dark. Aside from that, they loved everything....especially driving Mommy and Daddy around on the racetrack...we had to do that twice. :o) The boys only took a 45 minute nap from all the action... Unfortunately, there was not a nighttime parade the night that we were there. However, they did have an amazing light show that was displayed on the castle and a big fireworks show. It was a perfect end to our day! And on the way out, Carter asked if we could go and tell Mickey night night and give him a hug. I looked over and there was no line or waiting (isn't that nuts?), so to Mickey we went! I'm pretty sure that was the icing on the cake for everyone. It's not very often you get to tell the big mouse night night and plant a kiss on his cheek ;o)

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