Thursday, July 18, 2013

Little Fish

Coleman and Carter LOVE anything with water lately. They love playing with the hose, taking a bath, taking a shower, playing in the pool, truly anything. After being at the beach with them and seeing how much their confidence has grown over the past year, we knew that we needed to sign them up for swim lessons before we missed the "window" and fear began to set in. They began 2 weeks ago and absolutely L-O-V-E it. Their instructor is amazing with them and the boys are hilarious to watch. They love to swim around and he creates "tunnels" for them out of flat mats, and had them be a train using noodles...which of course was RIGHT up their alley (anything with trains and swimming is a total win). They are still learning to turn to the wall for safety, get their eyes wet, and blow bubbles through their nose. Right now when they blow bubbles through their nose they say "excuse me" and "bless you". Gotta love these sweet boys and their manners!!

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