Sunday, December 20, 2009

Coleman and Carter

These are some of the ultrasound pictures from my 21 week appointment with our specialist. Coleman and Carter look great! They are both measuring the same size and weight and have strong heartbeats and organs. I think Jared and I are truly spoiled to be able to see these sweet babes grow every month and to watch them for over an hour each time. It is so amazing to watch each of those little bones move and turn and to see them dance around and kick one another. Right now their heads are both next to one another and they are getting so big that the specialist will be measuring one's growth and the other one will have an arm or leg float into the screen. Too cute! We will be going back in January at 26 weeks and I can't wait to see the growth they've made then!

I have started being able to feel them move a LOT more. It's amazing to feel these little kicks and jabs and to feel them in two different places! They are especially busy when I sit down and relax or just after I've finished eating. Jared was able to feel the little kicks for the first time a few days ago. It was such a neat moment to be able to share together and to know that those are our two little boys in there! I know those kicks are only going to get stronger as they get bigger and run out of room....let's just hope they save those soccer skills for when they are older. ;o)

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