Thursday, April 15, 2010

5 Weeks Old Today!!!

From Drop Box

Our little guys are 5 weeks old today and are definitely growing leaps and bounds!! They are actually starting to fit into some of their newborn clothes (before they were just in their preemie ones), and their legs are growing by the minute! I wonder where they get those long legs from.... ;o)

Last week at their doctor's appointment they weighed 6lbs 3 ounces and 6lbs 4ounces. They had gained a whopping 2 ounces a day since leaving the NICU and coming home. I am sure they are 7lbs or close to that now.

I had my 5 week check up at the obgyn today (she is out of town next week, so we did it a week early) and everything went great! I have lost 50 of the 70lbs I gained with our two little men and she released me to run, so hopefully the next 20 will drop off just as fast and I can FINALLY stretch these legs!!


Anna said...

I cannot believe it has been FIVE weeks!! They look like they have LONG legs but I guess that was to be expected!

TBG said...

already 5 weeks! thats wonderful :) healthy growing boys!

Khristen said...

So happy and excited for you!!