Saturday, May 19, 2012

Peeing in the Potty....what?!

For Christmas my parents bought the boys their own Cheer for Me Potty seats...they play a little song when you go potty, etc and are super cute! At Christmas the boys wanted to put the toilet lids on their heads and push them around like cars...obviously not quite ready for potty training just yet. So, I put the potty seats in the basement and didn't think twice about them until the other day when I decided to pull them out just to begin "planting the seed" since the boys love coming to the bathroom with me, handing me toilet paper, and watching the water go down (a little TMI but if you've ever had a toddler then you know that if you don't let them in they'll scream and bang on the door, so you gotta pick your battles!). I set the toilet seats out just before bath time, and Carter instantly sat down and peed...and was suddenly OBSESSED with his potty. O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D, like didn't want to get in the bath tub (which is one of their favorite things to do) obsessed. So I let him sit there and we talked about the potty, etc. while Coleman splashed away with his ducks in the tub. The funniest part is that their toilets don't "flush", so Carter kept wanting to swirl the toilet paper to try and "help" it go down...we practiced a lot of hand washing in between all this too! Later that afternoon after Carter woke up from his nap, I had him in our bedroom while I was getting ready and when we heard Coleman in the monitor he ran to the door which is typical...he LOVES to go and wake up his brother and hand him a book through the crib (unbelievably cute). So I opened the door for Mr. Independent and watched in the monitor, but he never went to Coleman's crib...instead he had managed to get his shorts AND diaper off and was going potty in his potty seat!! I went and got Coleman and he decided to go potty also. It makes me so happy to see them learning and growing, but SO sad to see my baby boys growing up!! Where did the time go?! I'm not going to start the potty training just yet, as I feel they aren't verbal enough to express when they need to use it, but we will continue to use it as they wish! Here are some pictures that I'm sure will mortify them when they're older but are so cute to me! Carter:
He had a very important call to make apparently!

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