Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Greatest Show on Earth

The circus was in town last week and we debated on whether or not to take the boys. I thought they would be too young, and this year they introduced a dragon theme that I thought may be scary, and so on and so forth. I analyzed everything to the craziest degree and pretty much decided against it. Until...I found a coupon code that we could use and get tickets for only $14! I thought for that price we could definitely go since it's around the same price as a movie ticket these days. We wound up sitting on the 10th row (!!) and were right in front of all of the action. It was AMAZING and I think I had just as much fun (if not more) than Coleman and Carter. The entire circus is an event from the time you walk in the door until the time that you leave. The hour before the circus began they had all kinds of different activities for the kiddos and families. There was a bounce house, the elephants were painting pictures, clowns were out to greet everyone (Coleman was NOT a fan of the clowns), the motorcyclist were there, you could try on clothes that the performers wear, a trapeze artist was swinging around, you name it and it was happening. The boys were overwhelmed at first, but once the elephant came out to paint they were in their element. They LOVE watching Dumbo and of course every elephant there was named "Jumbo", which I learned is actually the name of Dumbo and his Mommy in the movie...the mean elephants gave him the nickname, Dumbo. I learn more from these two year olds on a daily basis than I thought possible. Here are some pictures before the circus began: During the circus: Afterwards at the Varsity: To say that Coleman and Carter were wired and on a sugar high after their fun day without a nap is a HUGE UNDERSTATEMENT. I have honestly never seen either of them so crazy and bouncing off the walls...let's just say that bedtime was welcomed by all at 7pm! What a fun day though, and I cannot wait until next year!

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