Friday, June 18, 2010


I think that 3 months is my favorite age right now! The boys are starting to smile and talk, recognize faces, can sit when assisted, and most importantly are ROCKIN' our schedule!!! I have read what seems to be a zillion books and internet posts, etc. on how babies seem to finally "get it" at 3 months and all of your hard work will pay off. I am one proud Momma and life has been much easier the past week and a half thanks to them. They say that babies are more comfortable when they are able to predict their daily schedule, similar to you and I, and I can totally understand how this helps their little bodies know what's coming next.

One major thing that I have learned is that we are definitely on an hour and a half wake/sleep schedule and that when it's nap time we prefer our swings over our crib. I have read that you need to put your baby down in their crib so they will sleep in it at night but that if they don't have any problems sleeping in their crib in the first place then there's nothing to worry about. Thank goodness the boys are good sleepers and are all about their cribs!

I have also learned that when it's nap time the boys become a museum to can look, but don't touch! They are creatures of habit and after Memorial Day weekend of visiting with so many wonderful family and friends it took me a grueling week and a half to get the boys to realize that they can't be held for their naps and wake time. Trust me, it is SO hard not to pick up that sweet sleeping baby and snuggle with him when it's nap time but it is totally worth it to keep them on track. Don't get me wrong, we definitely snuggle for a few minutes and I hold them during their wake time too to help them stand and look around, but they definitely let you know when they are tired and ready to be put down.

The boys have gotten to where they entertain themselves if they wake up early from their naps (sometimes they just need a paci reinserted) by looking around, studying their hands, etc. This is how they learn and develop and it's so awesome to watch, yet hard not to start playing with them right away. :o) Thanks again to Nana and Poppy for keeping them on this schedule while we were at the beach and using our stations and nap time routine! I know it was hard not to hold those sweet boys all day but having them on schedule this week has been a blessing!

We are still going on our "field trips", but I don't leave the house until after we have had our wake time so that the time spent in the car or on an errand is during our nap time. This cuts a lot of my errands short, but having two babies off schedule is sometimes more than these go go gadget arms can handle so it's worth the sacrifice.

I am often asked what our schedule looks is a typical day for us:

7am~ Wake up, eat, change into our clothes for the day (even if the boys are not up, I wake them up at this time)

7:30-8:30~ Play. This is when we rotate our stations, build our muscles, and have lots of smiles as we learn.

8:30-10~ Nap in our swings in the den. I turn on some background music and am able to pump, do laundry, and clean while they snooze.

We then repeat the same schedule at 10am, 1pm, and 4pm.

At 7pm we turn down all the lights and Jared and I feed the boys. If we need to talk to each other we only whisper. It sounds crazy, but it's amazing that the boys need this time to unwind and not have any stimulation. They usually nod right off as soon as they finish their bottle and are down for the night!

We don't wake the boys after their 7pm feeding and they usually wake up anywhere from 1:30-4am for their next feeding. They sometimes take the full feed, sometimes not, and we put them back down until 7am.

I am so proud of the boys for following their schedule and growing and thriving. I feel like we are finally getting into a pattern and it is awesome! Way to go Coleman and Carter!!!

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