Monday, June 14, 2010

Round 2

Since the boys are on an alternative vaccination schedule they had to go to the doctor's office today to receive their second round of inoculations instead of waiting until their 4 month well visit. This time they received two shots each in their thighs and they were not very happy campers, especially since that is how they awoke from their nap. It was a lot harder for Mom this time around though...I am not sure if it's because they had two, or since they cried a lot more than last time, but either way I definitely shed a few tears myself. They had a great afternoon though and only cried for a little bit tonight which was due to a mild fever from the shots and I'm sure the soreness of where the needles went in. I am so proud of our big boys though and their camouflage band aids that they earned. :o) Their Daddy even picked out two "big boy" stickers for them from the can never be too young for stickers! Here's a picture of my sweet boys...all three of them.

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Anna said...

It doesn't get any easier to watch them get shots. I think I shed tears EVERY time!