Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lovey and Big Poppa

Lovey and Big Poppa came to visit us this week and we have had a great time with them! The boys had a lot of fun and were all smiles as they played with their grandparents, and of course they told them a few "stories" as they chatted away on their mats and in their bouncers. I can't wait for the day that those sweet chubby cheeks have real words coming out of them but for right now I'll definitely settle for the sweet coo's and squeals!

It was so nice to have an extra hand to help feed the boys instead of putting them in their Boppy's, and Jared's mom did a great job of helping keep them on their schedule and doing their "stations". Hopefully we didn't wear her out too much! Here are some sweet pictures from their visit. We can't wait until they visit us again soon!

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