Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lovin' the Fall

My favorite season of all is definitely summer, but I have to admit that the Fall is starting to grow on me! I LOVE watching football (especially college) and taking the boys for walks and not sweating up a storm.

This morning we decided to enjoy a little bit of the Fall weather with a family walk at a local park. We had a great time and the boys really enjoyed watching the runners and other families walking.

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Eileen Jones Straw said...

Hey Janet - your mom sent me the link to your "Baby blog" - and I'm just loving seeing these beautiful shots of the Haden clan. Your boys are absolutely precious - just full of life and fun - and bright-eyed and curious - and ready to rock and roll. I'm so happy that you and Jared and your crew are back close to your folks, since I know that Miss Wanda loves to get her hands on your little guys! And knowing that Jared has gotten in with a good Dr here in town, and that his job in Duluth is all set -confirms the many blessings that have come your way. My husband, Scott, has transferred to his company's Duluth office, too, after being in Houston for 20 months - and tho the drive from Roswell to Duluth isn't always fun, it sure is nice to be back here where the seasons are SO great and where our loved ones are. I'm looking forward to seeing you and your parents and your babies soon, now that we're all in the same area code! Love to you all - Eileen